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Posted on November 15, 2012 by Scott

National Football Academy Football Camps with help your Son Succeed at the Next Level Flag Football

There are approximately 260,000 high school seniors that play high school football and only 75,000 players on college and university football teams in the United States. Of those 75,000 college football players only about 5,000 of them receive scholarships to play at Division 1 schools. The best high school football players are recruited by large nationally recognized universities.   Football scholarships to colleges and universities are regulated by the (NCAA) National College Athletic Association; the NCAA also controls all recruiting activities and eligibility.

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Division 1-A schools are allowed to have 85 players on football scholarships allowing for 3 players for each position on the offense and defense and a punter and kicker, leaving only 11 more scholarships. Division 1-AA schools are allowed just 63 scholarships.  Approximately 1 in 10 high school players that receive a recruitment letter will actually be offered a full football scholarship. The chances of getting a scholarship are even lower if the high school player has been injured or has a low grade point average.

Players attending high school football camps in Florida increases his chances of being recruited by a major university by making a prospective university aware of their abilities on the field by attending any of the National Football Academies Football Camps and playing well in their high school football games.

The National Football Academies Camps are staffed by NFA Certified Coaches.  The NFA followed the nation’s best Quarterback Academy founded by Darin Slack in 1988, NFA’s core principles flow from Coach Slack’s proven agenda to build better football players by building better men! The NFA has camps for all position next level nation football players, not just quarterbacks.

25,000 athletes can attest to the success in life, work and football achieved through training and developing their talents and skills with National Football Academy Camps, Books, and DVDs. Coaches and parents have returned year after year to benefit from the NFA’s proprietary progressive, sequential, dynamic development football curriculum.

Recognizing the immense value of systematic and precision training, the NFA has invested heavily in coach certification so you can have confidence that every camp meets the NFA’s football industry-leading standards.

At all National Next Level Football Academy Camp they strive to prove that the NFA will:

  • Change the way a young man thinks about football, career and purpose in life and ensure his future.
  • Earn respect and lead by example.
  • Every player will make a difference and every player must achieve full potential
  • Foster Confidence, Consistency, Character and Commitment–the backbone of the C4 Self-Correct System–is their primary duty to parents and coaches.

The Next Level Football Training Academy holds 2 and 3 day Off-Season (OSD) and Pre-Season Camps in most major cities across the United States, there is sure to be a camp near you and your son in the near future.

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