Selecting The Best Volleyball Camps

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Finding a Great Volleyball Camp in Country

Deciding on the best volleyball camp can be a challenging process when you consider the many camps available. With each volleyball camp saying they are the ‘best’ and offer the ‘most experienced’ coaching and training, making the right choice that best fits your needs can be difficult.  As long as you know what you want and what to expect it is certainly possible to find a great volleyball camp for your young athlete. In fact, it then becomes a simple process of elimination.

choosing the best volleyball camp

Starting your Search Top Volleyball Camps

What is the main goal you hope to achieve by sending your child to volleyball camp?

Are you looking for a camp that will focus on improving basic fundamental skills and athletic ability? If so, look for a Summer Volleyball Camps In Florida that has the reputation for producing A-level volleyball players. A camp where the head coach is reputed and experienced and takes personal interest in improving the skills of every camper would be a good bet. Research the history of the camps you are interested in to understand their winning reputation and the collective experience that the volleyball coaching staff brings to the table.

On the other hand, if the goal is increased exposure for your kid, then it will be a better idea to go to the camp held at a college that your child is hoping to play for in the future. Whether or not the coaches at the college go scouting at camps, it will help your kid remain visible in the minds of the selectors when selection day is nigh.

Both experience and exposure are important aspects but to find the best volleyball camp for your child, it is important to know your needs and focus on finding a camp that fulfills them. There are a few factors that can help you eliminate the lesser camps and zero in on the best volleyball camp.  If you are searching for a great combination of experience and exposure look no further than VBClinics Volleyball Camps.

Consider the Cost of a Quality Camp

Volleyball camps can be an expensive affair. However, it is not necessarily true that the best volleyball camp is the most expensive one. There are plenty of inexpensive camps that are rated high on quality and training experience. Don’t be fooled into thinking that only the most expensive place can offer an above-par learning experience. Check the camp websites to compare the pricing with the true value that they offer.

Age and Skill Level Appropriateness

Choose the best volleyball camp offered in your child’s age group. While 14 year olds might enjoy a few sparring games with players in the 16 year age bracket, it is very unlikely that your 12 year old budding volleyball player will feel at home doing camp work with players who are much older. Choosing a camp that is age inappropriate will most likely result in a bad camp experience and may even cause your kids to lose interest and be ready to bolt after the end of the first day. A little bit of research about the age groups in the camp and the numerical strength of each age group could help you in choosing the right volleyball camp for your child.

Player to Coach Ratio and Drills

As per USA Volleyball, the national governing body of volleyball in the country, the normal volleyball program ratio of coach to athlete is about 1:10. Less is more in this case and most volleyball camps offer a ratio within the range of 1:8 and 1:14. So why exactly is the player to coach ratio important? When a single coach is training 8 or 10 campers, the attention of the coach is divided between that many players. A good ratio will mean that your kid will be able to get personalized attention, get answers to questions, a proper evaluation of their skills as well as more exposure to the ball while playing.

Having said that, the best way to learn the game is to play it and even if the player to coach ratio is on the higher side, it can be balanced out by a camp that offers more opportunities for game drills instead of static against-the-wall kind of drills.

Attention to Details

A large part of selecting the best volleyball camp for your kid lies in your attention to detail. Eliminate the camps that don’t meet your kids’ needs and then personally contact the camp directors of each qualifying camp to get your questions answered. Go online to look for reviews of the camp or speak to people who you know attended the camp to get their personal unbiased opinion of the camp services. Relying on testimonials provided by the camp will only give you a one-sided picture.

Almost all players benefit from camp to some extent but attending a top rated volleyball camp can help your child become a well-rounded, much-improved player ready for high school and club selections.

Finding The Best Volleyball Camps in the Country

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