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Posted on May 7, 2010 by Scott

Information about Speed Training Summer Camps

The days of big, bulky athletes are a thing of the past. While strength training is a big part of any workout regimen, coaches now want their players to be both fast and quick. Sports like volleyball require quickness, due to a small court size. Track athletes need to focus more on pure speed training.

speed training program

Basketball and baseball players use a combination of both short bursts of speed and quickness. There are many drills coaches and school trainers use to accomplish the goals of both improved speed and quickness. However, most of these are regulated to team practice drills.

Athletes now seek outside speed and quickness techniques from specialized trainers from Pennsylvania Basketball Camps. Your options for speed coaching usually consist of attending group speed and quickness camps, or hiring a private speed trainer.

Group speed training camps will give you the most bang for your buck. Although you’ll be together with other athletes looking for the same advantage you are, group sizes tend to be small, to ensure that proper attention is given to all students.

Many different drills are taught in speed training to improve explosive quickness, and work on running form. Another advantage of group speed training is the ability for athletes to push each other during speed training sessions. This is a vastly overlooked aspect of group training. Nobody wants to be shown up or finish second. If a competitive fire is lit, it affects everyone in the group to strive to accomplish more.

Hiring a private speed and quickness trainer is another way to see improved results. Like any other one on one training method, these sessions are more expensive. You will receive all the attention from your trainer, but you are only responding to your coaching, with no real competition from other athletes in your group. Some athletes enjoy the one on one nature of training, with other need the competition from others in a group setting. Figure out which method works best for you.

Sometimes athletes have been coached well in their particular sport, but not necessarily in speed and agility drills. Having the tools to use these newly taught speed drills in the off season can mean the difference between starting and sitting on the bench. Remember, every coach wants a faster, quicker player!

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