Best Summer Sports Camps in America Today

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Top Summer Sports Camps in America

Summer is a great time to wind down, get away from sports, relax your body as well as your mind.  But for the most serious athletes, the off season can be a time to shine.  Many athletes are using this time to improve technique and fundamental skills they’ll need for the upcoming season.  The summer months are also perfect for attending sports camps which can allow athletes to compete against new athletes, learn from new coaches and experience new methods of training.

Off Season Development

The school season can be really hard on players who have to learn to stay on their toes every single day. There is always a chance that competitors will get ahead of you, if you reduce your pace. With this in mind, summer break is a great time to lay low and give your body a much needed break.

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However, the summer off-season lasts a good 16 weeks! This is a long time to relax, and the result is that you may find yourself in the new school season completely out of shape. In today’s competitive landscape, many athletes are not going this route.

While rest and relaxation are important, coaches and most players understand that losing that competitive edge can be irrecoverable. By all means, take a week or two off from sports training. But at the end of your ‘break’, be ready to plunge right in. This is where sports camps come in! The understanding that summer sports training is incredibly important for youth athletes has brought about a rise in the popularity of summer sports camps.

High Level of Competition in Sports Today

The American Camp Association studies show that there are more than 12,000 summer camps in the country. More than 11 million youth athletes attend one or more camps in the country every year. What do these numbers signify?  A high level of competition!

Sports like baseball, basketball, football, soccer, tennis, athletics and swimming, to name a few, are highly competitive. For every spot that opens up in a sports team, there are a number of youth athletes clamoring to fill it. How do you stand out in such a crowd? Offseason sports camps help you do just this.

By training hard, learning new techniques, gaining exposure to top coaches and collegiate coaches, and working on your weaknesses, youth athletes can emerge as stronger and more confident players in time for the training season. Getting year round training with the help of summer sports camps can dramatically impact a player’s ability.

Types of Camps to Choose From

There are many different types of camps to choose from like basketball camps in New York for youth. Youth athletes can opt for specific camps based on what the camp has to offer to them and what they hope to learn from camp. The type of camp that you choose says something about the level of effort and passion that you are ready to invest in the game.

  • Instructional/Developmental Camps- Instructional camps are not just reserved for beginners and entry level players. Coaches all over the country agree that going back-to-the-basics is a good idea for youth athletes of any skill level. Attending such camps shows your willingness to spend time understanding the basics of the game properly. Once you have brushed up on the fundamentals, you can begin working on specific techniques and positional play. USSC NIKE Sports Camps are well-known for being intensive developmental camps.
  • Position and Skill-specific Camps- As the name suggests, these are the offseason camps that will train you to be a better positional player (quarterback or linebacker in football; guard, forward or center in basketball; and so on). If there is a particular skill that you are lacking or are not too good at, there are sports camps that can come to your rescue. For example, there are plenty of tennis camps in the US that focus a large part of their instruction and drills on perfecting the tennis serve or backhand. Popular position-specific camps include National Football Academies (QBA) Quarterback Academy Camps and UCLA Bruins Setter/Hitter Volleyball Camps.
  • College/University Camps- The instructors at college and university-run camps are generally the coaches and teachers of local teams. Youth athletes who opt for such camps like Texas State football summer camp get valuable insights into the coaches training methods and the college sports program. Such camps offer opportunities to learn about any college scholarships that are being offered by the university beforehand. Youth athletes who attend such camps come across as dedicated and serious about their wish to play for the team and/or attend college at the university.

Summer sports camps are created to help youth athletes capitalize on the free time that they have. Their increasing popularity shows that these camps are nailing it in the head when it comes to creating well-rounded players in time for school training season.


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