Starting Summer Strength Training Camps

Posted on May 7, 2010 by Scott

Information about Summer Strength Training Camps

Summer Strength Training Camps

 Athletes today are bigger, faster, and stronger than ever before. With all the year round training and specialization, many athletes are looking to supplement their high school training with private strength training camps. Every sport utilizes different sets of muscles, so sport specific strength training is becoming the new way to gain an edge on the competition.There are several options to look at when researching your strength camp. Do you want to hire a trainer from your local gym? How about looking for a group strength camp? Or, you could hire a private certified strength trainer for one on one sessions.Choosing a trainer from your local gym is usually the most cost effective means of strength coaching. Most gym trainers are certified in a specialty, so make sure you pick the trainer with the qualifications specific to your particular goal.

Summer Strength Training Camps

If your gym only has a few trainers, your odds of finding the exact strength regimen you’re looking for will definitely decrease. While you will most likely see some results and your progress will be tracked, at most local gyms, you won’t be learning new techniques and using cutting edge technology.

Group strength camps are a great way to introduce early high school aged kids to the world of strength training. In addition to training at your school, many high school athletes supplement their team training, with their own specialized strength routines. Working with highly educated certified strength trainers can help you build toward the specific strength goals.

Many times a high school coach won’t have the time to help all his players focus on individual workouts and strength training. This is where a group strength camp can really push an athlete over the top to win a position battle between a teammate or pull through and perform at a high level late in the game.

Hiring a private certified specialist for one on one strength training is the best way to see results. It is also usually the most expensive. However, what you pay for is the dedication and focus that one trainer can give you. They will chart and mark all your progress, set aggressive goals, and make sure you see them to completion. These trainers hold the highest certifications, and show up with plans to help athletes make large strides in their strength training.

If you’re looking for general strength tips and training, hiring a local gym trainer is a cost effective way to get in shape. For younger athletes looking to build a strength foundation with proper technique, group strength camps are an excellent option. For athletes looking for the finest in strength training, hiring a private specialist will give you all the results you’re looking for. Good luck!

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