Soccer Camps for Advanced Players Development

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US Soccer Camps for Player Development Academy

Soccer is one of the most popular sports played in the world. In the United States, the Census Bureau (2012) says that soccer is the third most played team sport! With its popularity growing by leaps and bounds, it is no wonder that children have started soccer training at a much younger age than ever before. Most players kick start their soccer career at the AYSO and in time, play competitive soccer at middle and high school levels.

The increasing competition in the sport dictates that players stay on the top of their game. One of the best ways to do this is to go to summer soccer camp to learn new techniques and perfect the old ones. However, for players to improve as individuals in the game, it is very important to find the right summer soccer camp like north carolina summer soccer camps.

us soccer player development academy

A national player development soccer academy is one which focuses on skill development and training of each individual player. These camps are a great option for players hoping to improve their skills in a focused yet cooperative environment. These are the top 10 soccer camps for advanced player development needs.

1.       No. 1 Soccer Camp – Joe Machnik

Started in 1977 under the guidance of former World Cup coach Joe Machnik, Joe Machniks No. 1 Soccer Camp is a great place to learn how to be the best from the best. The camp started out as a goalkeeper skill development camp and has now evolved into an all-inclusive camp focused on overall player development. No. 1 Soccer Camps are held at multiple locations like California, Texas, Colorado, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Illinois and others. This camp is great for player development because it offers five different types of camps aimed at providing skills training as well as teaching  in soccer camps for youth athletes the importance of team playing and all-round development.

2.       Vogelsinger Soccer Academy

Vogelsinger Soccer Academies and Schools are spread across 6 locations in the country (California, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, New York, and others). This camp offers 7-, 14- and 21-day training camps that are focused on player development, individual skills and techniques, positional play, team play and pre-season preparation. They believe that their goal is to “produce a skillful player” and they do this by training players in using their creativity to make tactical calls and working with youth players on their technique.

3.       Star Goalkeeper Academy

An internationally recognized soccer coaching academy, Star Goalkeeper Academy is the brainchild of international goal coach Dan Gaspar. Conducted all over the country, SGA offers day, extended day, residential and advanced camps for beginners, intermediate and progressive players. They figure on the list of best soccer camps for player development due to the focused nature of instruction, world-class coaching faculty and optimum player to coach ratio.

4.       NIKE Soccer Camps

NIKE Soccer Camps are conducted all over the country and they boast of a well-renowned coaching staff. Players can choose from overnight, day and extended day camps. Players are separated on the basis of their skill levels and player development is ensured through at least 6 hours of coaching and playing per day.

5.       Peter Fewing Soccer Camps

Established in 1981, Peter Fewing Soccer Camps are held at various locations every year. 9 time winner of the coach of the year award, Fewing is well-respected as a coach who helps players turn into extraordinary athletes. Divided into age groups, players can choose from day and residential camps.

6.       Eurotech Soccer Academy

Eurotech Soccer Academy offers summer soccer camps in over 9 states of the country. It is one of the only integrated residential field player and goalkeeper programs held in the nation. Founded in 1990, this academy holds camps for male and female players from 9 to 18 years of age.

7.       FCBarcelona Soccer Camps

FCBarcelona needs no introduction! They have brought their training methods and coaching standards to the United States. FCBarcelona Soccer Camps are held in Florida and Illinois. Chosen players are also sent to Barcelona to learn the game at the field where players like Kubala, Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho and Messi have played before them.

8.       U.K. Elite Soccer Camp

U.K. Elite hosts more than 30 camps at various locations across the United States. They believe in a “soccer all the time” kind of environment and the prime focus of camp is on player development through high-intensity scrimmage time, brushing up on basics and learning new techniques.

9.       MLS Soccer Camp

Major League Soccer Camps are one of the best camps around because the coaches and training staff are probably the best qualified ones from all over the country. Their extensive curriculum and one-on-one interaction aids in player development. They also offer separate camps for goalkeepers.

10.   SoccerPlus Camps

Under the expert guidance of three-time world champion coach Tony DiCicco, SoccerPlus Camps focus exclusively on player development. They offer a goalkeeper school, field player academy and day camps & clinics.

Serious athletes who want to pursue the game at competitive levels will find that the right soccer camp can push your game to the next level. Choose well!


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