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The first documented record of the game of lacrosse was in 1636. Centuries later, the Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL) was formed in the year 2008 and a whopping number of 29 nations participated in the 2010 FIL Men’s World Championship in Lacrosse. The United States won the gold medal game by beating Canada 12-10.

Lacrosse has clearly become one of America’s fastest growing sports. Youth athletes from all over the country look forward to playing lacrosse on a competitive level. One of the primary reasons why this sport is so popular is that it involves physical strength and technical excellence, in equal measures. Similar to several other sports, there are two types of upcoming lacrosse camps that athletes can choose to attend when it comes to lacrosse. Summer lacrosse camps are the perfect way for athletes to learn new techniques and how to utilize them during a game. The second type of camp is a lacrosse recruiting camp.

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What Does A Recruiting Camp Do?

A recruiting camp is a showcase of the best regional players in the game of lacrosse. The top coaches and selectors from all over the country queue in to the showcases to see what the players have to offer and whether or not they would fit in with the coaches’ teams. These camps invite players who send in applications for a spot in the camp. Applications include recommendations from the current coach, highlight reels, game videos and other paperwork. They play a big role in ensuring that players are on the map when it comes to selection time.

Top Recruiting Camps in the Country

Blue Chip 225:

Blue Chip Lacrosse camp is a Rhode Island based recruiting camp that is one of the top camps in the country for high school players, especially in the Northeast. Coaches and selectors zoom in on the elite team players. Worthy young athletes directly get invited to the elite teams based on their applications. There is another way to gain entrance into the elite teams and that is by playing well in the scrimmages on the first night of camp. During this week long camp, players will be trained by top coaches. Practice as well as game situations will be observed and the best players will be chosen from there. Athletes will also be briefed about the right way to communicate with coaches, other recruiting rules and what to expect during visits. Even if a player has not been invited to the Elite Division, they can hope to move into them during camp.

Adrenaline Showcase:

There are recruiting camps, and then there is the Adrenaline Showcase. Only the top 2 percent of players at the regional level, roughly around 150 players, get a chance to strut their stuff at this Showcase. Adrenaline offers Division 1 collegiate fit as well as NCAA Division 2 and 3 and MCLA recruiting during this 2 day camp. Many top coaches prefer this Ohio state lacrosse summer camp and record for recruiting is sky high. Their annual College Placement Success Rate (CPSR) shows that almost 88 percent of NCAA and MCLA players in the west are recruited through them. This camp is held at Sonoma University and draws in the top coaches as well as players from all over the country and after that, it is just a process of matching the right coach with the right campers. Adrenaline also offers summer day camps, overnight camps, goalie schools and faceoff camps in California and other states.

Top 205:

This Maryland based Top 205 Lacrosse camp is often reckoned as the ‘original recruiting camp’. A four day hiatus, this camp offers three sessions for all the players. The best thing about this camp is that players who were not well-known can move up to the top of the recruiting list within a span of 4 days based on their merit. Their All Star Team is the talk of the town and once you find your way into it, the top 10 D1 programs will be vying for your attention. Another alternative option is to attend Jake Reed’s Blue Chip camp which is also conducted in Maryland.

Recruiting camps like Peak 200 in Massachusetts and Texas 99 are known for offering the best showcase opportunities for young athletes in the game of lacrosse. Most of these camps are on an invite-only basis and this means you have to get your completed applications in early. Each camp has something to offer to the top players in the country. Bring your best game with you!

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