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Posted on May 15, 2012 by Natalie Pedersen

Top Beach Cities Volleyball Camps – Try in this Summer

Now that your club volleyball season is coming to end, have you thought about what you’re going to do this summer? Participating in some volleyball camps and combines is a great idea! Camps will help you learn and grow as an athlete. But, what about the rest of the summer?

Beach volleyball is a great alternative to court volleyball during the summer months because not only do you get to play outside, but beachvolleyball camp is also a different kind of competition. Playing in the sand will challenge you to work harder, be more explosive in your jumps and react quicker due to the difficulty of maneuvering in sand. You car search for the Best Volleyball Camps In Georgia for beach volleyball.

Womens Beach Volleyball Summer Camps 2014

If you’re playing on a men’s net, you’ll have to challenge yourself to jump higher in order to spike or block the ball. This will be awesome practice and will help you dominate on the court with a lower net once fall season starts.

If presented with the opportunity, try playing in some doubles tournaments to really get in a great workout. Also, playing doubles will help you develop skills such as communicating constantly with your partner and being able to read your partner’s next move. Communication is crucial when playing doubles competitively and there is no avoiding it. So, if you pick up this skill now, it will be like second nature to you when it comes time to play on the court this fall.

Find Top USA Beach Volleyball Camps near you

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Even if you don’t live near a beach, check into some local athletic clubs who have beach volleyball courts for Florida volleyball camp so you too can have the luxury of playing the sport you love outside during the summer months.

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