Types and Purpose of Wrestling Camps

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Summer Wrestling Camps 2017, Types and Purpose

Off season is the best time to refine your wrestling skills, learn new techniques and perfect old ones. Summer wrestling camps and clinics offer athletes the best opportunity to do this in a short span of time. Wrestling is a popular sport in the country and there are innumerable wrestling summer camps and clinics to choose from. Some camps are elite with only a few campers while others believe in training large numbers together. With so many options, parents who are looking for the right camp for their young athletes have a challenging task ahead of them.

Types and Purpose of Wrestling Camps

Don’t Get Confused

Knowledge is power! By knowing what types of camps there are and what they offer, you will be able to choose the right kind of camp for youth athletes. Wrestling camps come in a variety of types and almost every camp you will stumble upon will have a different structure, teaching method, duration and cost. Depending on the camp you choose, you will have to shell out anything between couple of hundred dollars to several thousands. Understanding the types of camps and what purpose they serve will help you choose the right one to fit the needs of your young wrestler, so that you get complete value for your money.

Purpose of Camps

Summer wrestling camps can be residential or commuter. Some camps are offered by private institutions while others are affiliated with a university or college. While each camp is intrinsically different, each camp serves a specific purpose.

Technique Camps

While browsing through lists of the top wrestling camps in the US, you will come across many camps titled ‘Technique’ camps. But what exactly do these camps teach and what kind of wrestlers will benefit from them?

For beginner level wrestlers who are intent on learning all the techniques and positions they can use during a match, technique camps are the best option. As the name of the camp suggests, ‘technique’ camps focus on a wide variety of techniques that can be used in all positions while wrestling. Geared toward an all-inclusive wrestling learning experience, technique camps are often non-intensive. The Georgia Elite Wrestling Camps held in Gainesville, Georgia, is considered one of the best camps in the country. They offer an all-skills technique camp for beginners in the sport of wrestling.

As you learn all the basic skills associated with wrestling, technique camps also help you become well versed with specific aspects of wrestling and high-level techniques that can theoretically be used in a match. There are some technique camps that are focused on a special techniques like:

  • Leg riding
  • Top wrestling
  • Bottom wrestling
  • Escaping
  • Takedown
  • Pinning

Other camps are specifically designed for certain wrestling groups:

  • Heavyweight
  • Lightweight techniques
  • Team competition techniques

Purdue University Sports Camps in West Lafayette, Indiana, offer special technique camps like Competition Takedown Camp and Toss, Turn & Pin Camp. Ken Chertow’s Summer Wrestling Camps include options like a Personalized Technique Camp that is specifically created for high school junior and senior beginner wrestlers.

Intensive Wrestling Camps Types

For young wrestlers who are in great shape and wish to take their game to the next level, ‘Intensive’ wrestling camps are the right options. Intensive camps operate on the principle that you already know the basics of wrestling and its techniques really well. These camps are designed to step up your levels of training and give you a competition level experience.

Intensive camps stay true to their name and if wrestlers are not in good shape or are unfit in any way, intensive camps will eat them alive! Wrestlers will need optimum levels of physical and mental fitness in order to succeed at intensive camps like Cornell University’ Cornell Big Red Wrestling Camps. Cornell Camps have been home to many wrestling champions. Cornell’s wrestler Kyle Dake defeated 165-pound Penn State defending national champion David Taylor in 2013. He has made history by winning a fourth national title in his fourth different weight class! Cornell’s head is held high owing to Dake’s historical wins.

Other Wrestling Camp Options

  • U.S. Air Force Academy Athletics’ Air Force Falcons Wrestling Camps offer a mix of world class technique camps and intensive cross training.
  • Ken Chertow’s Summer Wrestling Camps include options like Gold Medal Training and Super Gold Medal Training Camps, under the tutelage of USA Olympian Chertow.
  • International wrestling tours are also options for those willing to spend several thousands of dollars to enjoy international travel, world-class coaching and more.

When you have a clear idea of what summer wrestling camps in the country have to offer, making a choice becomes that much easier. Wrestling camps are purpose driven – know your purpose to eliminate the other camps and zero in on the ones that will be the best for you.

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