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Posted on May 7, 2010 by Scott

Lacrosse was the first sport in North America, existing long before the arrival of the pilgrims, over hundreds of years this game has been passed down without fail to present day where it has reached professional status. In the most recent decades there has been an explosive growth in youth lacrosse leagues and lacrosse camps across the country.

Innovations are constantly changing the face of the game and players are picking up sticks at younger ages to excel in the sport. Adrenaline Lacrosse Camps has embraced this growth and are training young players to become the future of the game.

Adrenaline Lacrosse Camps feeds off of the tremendous enthusiasm that the coaches and players have for the game. From beginners to experts, each and every player benefits from the unique Player Development Model that has even proven itself on the collegiate stage. The 5 level system used at each Florida lacrosse camp allows the coaching staff to instill solid foundations in each camper before teaching specific performance enhancing tactics.


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At Level One of Adrenaline Lacrosse Camps, introduction to lacrosse is covered including rules and basic skills. Level Two launches the player into the competitive nature of lacrosse with fun game play situations. Level Three develops individually skilled players into team-minded competitors at overnight lacrosse camps and lacrosse day camps alike. Position-specific skill sets are also taught and enhanced at this level. Intensive training begins at Level 4 with emphasis on lacrosse strategy from experienced coaches, veterans and film sessions.

Players are engaged in tournament game-play against top competition in high pressure situations to prepare them for High School quality play. The final stage, Level 5, is where Adrenaline Lacrosse Camp truly shines. At this point in the Player Development Model, players will showcase their talents in front of 100 NCAA recruiters while also training in advanced clinics with these lacrosse scouts! The biggest payoff of this program is that individual players develop relationships with fantastic lacrosse coaches who, over time, can recommend skilled participants to recruiters and help direct each player to a suitable program in the future.

Adrenaline Lacrosse Camps offers a wide range of programs across the Western United States to suit any player, from beginner to expert. They have California lacrosse camps, Texas lacrosse camps and more. Day camps are instructed by NCAA Coaches and MLL Professionals. This unique lacrosse camp features morning intensive coaching to teach players new position-specific skills and afternoon game time to put these lessons into affect while still fresh in their mind. Daily prizes from Warrior and Adrenaline Apparel are awarded for various contests and to the player of the day. For even more team building and instruction, they have overnight lacrosse camps in California and Texas overnight lacrosse camps. Players will reside in collegiate dormitories while utilizing college level facilities. With instruction from NCAA players and Professionals, each camper will take their game to a whole new level over the course of 4 days.

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Position-Specific experiences are also available through Adrenaline Lacrosse Camps. For any lacrosse goaltenders looking to develop their skill set, the overnight intensive program at Whittier College is a truly unique experience. Drills are aimed at improving the essential goalie skills of balance, focus, toughness, reflexes, playing outside the cage, and more. Adrenaline Lacrosse is the ultimate goalie camp for any level player.

Perhaps one of the most innovative lacrosse camps in California, Adrenaline Lacrosse’s Faceoff Camp pinpoints the strategic tactics of the faceoff. Players are trained by FOGO specialists to become the best situational player on the field. Not only are players taught by the best, they compete against them. The combination of speed and quickness training from Velocity Sport Performance and strength training techniques taught assure an experience like no other camp. Prizes from Warrior and Adrenaline Apparel are awarded for various daily contests.

This is one of the best lacrosse experiences the West has to offer and with dozens of locations throughout California and Texas there is no excuse to miss out. Whether you are picking up a lacrosse stick for the first time, looking to sharpen skills, or want exposure to collegiate recruiters, Adrenaline Lacrosse Camps in Texas or California has the program for you.

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