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Posted on May 7, 2010 by Scott

Frozen Ropes Baseball Camp Review

Youth baseball camps have been redefined by Frozen Ropes Baseball Camp. They are in their eighteenth year of operation and they are still providing the coaching and training necessities that it takes to move a baseball player into their next skill level. They combine a very high level of instruction by the coaching and support staff with an operations and business model that is the best in the industry.

This baseball camp requires that their staff is certified and skilled. They are able to provide the most current and truly effective strategies in teaching that is available in the industry because of the requirements that are placed on their trainers and staff in general. The staff is challenged to look past what other youth baseball camps florida are training and move their campers into a direction that can provide the ultimate experience at a baseball camp.

As the players at the camp advance in age and skill level, they are challenged to improve in all areas. Continuous growth is an important focus at this baseball camp. They believe that learning how to play baseball to the best of a person’s ability does not involve only on the field training. They believe that the mental side of the game is just as important as the physical aspects and train their campers accordingly.

They strive to teach their campers that by watching other players on the field they can learn how to better move their bodies and to achieve a higher level of capability in the game. Interacting with other campers will improve not only their game but also their social skills which lead to friendly competition rather than hostile competition.

They believe that the interactions that the campers have at this youth baseball camp will allow them to experience coaching and direction from multiple people and that the drills that they are put through will help to develop them as stronger players once they leave the camp.

Frozen Ropes offers baseball camps to youth and adults in numerous states across the United States. They have professional teachers and staff members on site at every camp that will work with the campers to develop their skills to a higher level.

They offer several different baseball camps for all ages of boys, girls, and adults. They have a “Born to Play” program for 3 to 4 year old children that will introduce them to the game and get them comfortable with developing their baseball and softball skills. Their popular Brain Day workshop allows the participants to explore the stresses that come with competitive sports such as baseball. They will help them develop the necessary tools to deal with the anxieties that may come in the sport.

They offer a large variety of day and overnight camps for the baseball players of the world. They offer a College bound camp that will work with the high school level players so they can understand what a college is looking for in a baseball player. No matter which course is taken with Frozen Ropes, the campers should have a great time and walk away from this baseball camp with a better understanding of the game. They will have experienced the training that should give them the extra boost they need to take a better stand on the team that they play for on a regular basis.

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