GameBreaker Lacrosse 2017 in USA

Posted on May 7, 2010 by Scott

2017 GameBreaker Lacrosse Sports Camp

gamebreaker lacrosse camp in America 2014Gamebreaker Lacrosse Camps are the most popular lacrosse camps in the U.S. With more than 35,000 youth players all over the country that have attended this CA lacrosse camps to improve their playing skills, the camps were organized for the sole purpose of giving kids the opportunity to become better lacrosse players and enjoy the bonding experience lacrosse brings.

One of the reasons these lacrosse camps are considered the best is because of the coaching staff they provide. Players from all over the world have joined the Gamebreaker staff that are skilled in all of the aspects of lacrosse and can help kids develop their skills. No matter what ability level the kids are, the coaching staff is dedicated to improving the skills of each player as well as the team.


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Especially if the camp is an overnight camp, supervision is a factor to picking the right camp. The Gamebreaker Lacrosse Camp provides supervisors all throughout the day and ones that stay in the dormitories with the campers all night. Showing respect towards other campers and the supervisors is expected out of each camper. Drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes are strictly prohibited, and bringing them will cause an immediate dismissal from the camp without a refund.

The Gamebreaker Lacrosse Camps are co-ed, and anyone at least in the third grade through high school is welcome to sign up. There are three divisions at this lacrosse camp. Division III is for grades 3-5, Division II is for grades 6-8, and Division I is for grades 9-12. After evaluation, the campers will be grouped on their ability level. The division between skill levels will help each player in each group learn at the same pace and help develop their lacrosse playing skills better.

For the day camp, the campers follow a tentative schedule for about six hours, involving warm-ups, individual training, and team games, with a little break in between. The main focus is to develop better skills, so not much time for down time for the campers for the day camp.

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The overnight camp follows a similar schedule, but more time is given for social activities like swimming, and free time for extra help. After dinner and all of the team games in the evening, the campers get to experience the same social activities like any other overnight camp. They get time to watch movies, socialize, eat pizza, and have fun, which is great combination with the physical activities they participate in all day.

Each Gamebreaker Lacrosse Camp feature ten skill clinics that will help youth lacrosse players develop all aspects of the game. The ten clinics are shooting, ground balls, defense (team and individual), fast breaks, dodging, stick skills, triangle offense, clears, face-off and wing play, and man up, man down. There are specialty camps that focus on goalies, face-offs, and shooting.

With all of these great athletic and social benefits, the Gamebreaker Lacrosse camp is the best lacrosse camp is the country. The 35,000 kids who have attended this lacrosse camp all have had the opportunity to improve their lacrosse skills and bond with other lacrosse players. The trained coaching staff makes sure that each athlete is getting the attention they need to improve and provides great supervision to all of the campers.

Click here for a list of GameBreaker Lacrosse Camp Locations


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