Posted on May 7, 2010 by Scott Review

High school sports are becoming a big business. There are new websites popping up all over the internet with high school sports coverage. However, a few websites have a strong hold over their competition, with superior reporting and well produced videos. One of the major players in the coverage of high school sports is is devoted to being a comprehensive high school website, serving the needs of athletes, coaches, parents, and college recruiters. For the high school athletes, it’s a showcase to reward the hard work and dedication put in by these kids.

Streaming video of highlights and statistical breakdowns give the kids the recognition they deserve. Coaches have the ability to put their school on the map, and let the country know who they are, and introduce their team. is also a great tool for college recruiters looking for information on certain players that might be flying under the radar. has an impressive list of columnists, who scout and research all things high school sports. Opinion pieces and player profiles consume the front page, along with the lead stories of the day. If you missed an article, don’t worry, you’ll be to find it in the archives. also offers national rankings for various sports, giving the top schools across the country a chance to see how they stack up versus other top competition. Streaming video on the site allows you to put faces alongside the names you might see in the rankings and statistical categories.

The recruiting section on is a useful tool for players looking to make a wise college choice. Seeing which other players at their position may have committed to a school of their liking will have a major impact on their decision.

Finally, if you just happen to be a fan of high school sports, this site has all the statistical information you need, along with video highlights, and commentary from the nation’s leading authorities on high school sports. Make sure you check out


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