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Posted on May 7, 2010 by Scott

O-D Football Camps

O-D Football Camps have it all!

One of the leading football camps around can be found in many areas across the US. The Offense Defense football camp will provide the athlete in your family with the strength and agility training that is necessary to become a leader in the football world.

The Offense-Defense camp has been providing directions for football players every summer for the past forty one years. They have had years of experience in training the participating campers to work towards their ultimate goal, playing football like the professionals.

This full contact football camp for the youth is the largest of its kind in the United States. The coaching staff and the support staff have developed training programs that follow the four C’s that are necessary to be great at the game of football. The four C’s are Coaching, Curriculum, contact, and Commitment. By adhering to the guidelines that go along with the four C’s the coaching staff will provide the campers with all necessary forms of direction that will not only build skill but will also teach lifelong lessons in teamwork, responsibility, discipline, family values, respect and the importance of working hard to achieve our goals.

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Offense-Defense football camps have a number of professional football players as part of their team. They include Levon Kirkland of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Lendale White of the Tennessee Titans, Michael Bush of the Oakland Raiders, and Justin Smiley of the Miami Dolphins. The skill base that comes from these four professional football players alone can take a camper to the next level in their football playing abilities for sure. The alumni of the Offense-Defense football camps provide high praises for these camps and can credit some of their successes in the football world to the knowledge and skills that they fine tuned at this camp.

Just one summer at the Offense-Defense football camps, the attendees will be much more prepared to get on the field at their school during the next football season. The combination of individual instruction time and the comprehensive drills will give them the edge that they need to be successful.

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The coaching and support staff at the Offense-Defense football camps are composed of coaches that are currently coaching in the NFL or have coached in the NFL in the past. There are college coaches providing direction to the campers as well as professional football players. Illinios football camp provides the best in training and gives the campers the ability to learn from people that have been playing the game for years.

This football camp is full contact. The attendees will have more than seven hours per day on the field exercising and building their skills. Each day at the camp is identical to build consistency and to allow the camper’s time to excel at the tasks that they are given. While no two people learn at the same speed, everyone should come away from this camp feeling as if they have gained valuable insight into the necessary training and skills to be a part of the football world.

The athletes that attend this football camp are between the ages of seven and eighteen years old. The groups are broken down into smaller working groups based on current skill level, size, age, and the experience of each attendee. This camp is great for the beginner and for the experienced players that are looking to make it big in college or in the NFL.

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