Velocity Sports Performance 2017 In Country

Posted on May 7, 2010 by Scott

Velocity Sports Performance 2017 In America

Looking to improve your child’s athletic performance doesn’t always have to include working on fundamentals. Coaches today are looking for abilities to be a complete athlete. The ability to jump higher, run faster, and be quicker goes a long way toward having an edge over your competition. Where should you look to help your son or daughter become a well-rounded athlete? Velocity Sports Performance Camps are the perfect place for your child to train to become bigger, faster, and quicker.

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Started in 1999 by five time NCAA track and field coach of the year, Loren Seagrave, Velocity Sports Performance began training athletes in Atlanta, Georgia. Coach Seagrave believed that kids and adults should have a place where they can train, while having access to the same performance methods elite athletes use. With over 60 locations across North America, Velocity Sports Performance has become one of the premier athletic training camps.

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Velocity tailors their training techniques based on age. Beginning with kids age 8-11, basic running and coordination fundamentals are taught. With kids this age having such a short attention span, an emphasis is placed on having fun, while these young athletes learn core ideas based on basic athletic principles.

Kids age 12-14 are beginning to develop their bodies. With that, comes the ability to learn strength and weight techniques. Building on the most basic training from the younger groups, proper form and more repetitions are key with athletes in this age group.

Athletes age 15 and up begin to work on sport specific training methods. Having the foundation of form and technique from previous sessions, these kids are exposed to more extensive methods of training.

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Looking for specialized training for the whole team? Velocity offers team training sessions, which focus on power strength, speed, quickness, gearing to the team’s specific sport. Velocity also offers training sessions for adults, which focuses on coordination and the training techniques that help adults stay in good shape for life.

Utilizing degreed and certified trainers, Velocity Sports Performance coaches are highly qualified and motivated to ensure that the time spent coaching you or your child is well spent. Velocity uses top of the line Olympic equipment, along with athletic turf fields, and sprint tracks, to give students the ideal setting to enhance their speed, strength, and agility.

With many locations available, if you are looking to give your child a competitive edge, Velocity Sports Performance can help all athletes reach their peak potential.

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