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All-American Tennis Camp

All-American Tennis Camp All-American Tennis Camp All-American Tennis Camp All-American Tennis Camp  

Camp Description:

The All-American Tennis Camp was named the 2007 "Top Sports Camp" in the state of Ohio by Sports Illustrated and is regarded as one of the finest tennis camps in the United States.

The All-American Tennis Camp at the College of Wooster in Ohio offers three types of camps, 3 weeks of Traditional Camp, 2 weeks of Match Play camp, and 1 College Prep Camp.

Using the latest teaching techniques, small group settings, and a fun competitive environment, each youth tennis player will experience a program tailored to their abilities.

Our traditional camps are stroke production and swing technique oriented. Emphasis is on building the proper stroke fundamentals and the use of modern technique. Our coaches are year-round collegiate coaches that study, develop and institute the most up-to-date teaching methods to assist with each campers development.

Students are placed into small instructional groups, with students of similar age and ability. Each group will work at the fundamentals of their game, tailored to their abilities. Beginners will focus on the basic stroke fundamentals, while more advanced players will incorporate swing techniques with strategies, court positioning, point progressions and more.

The latest teaching techniques and technologies, including videotapes, demos and personalized evaluations, are used to help in the teaching process.

In addition to our traditional camps, we offer a special "Match Play" week and "College Prep" week of camp at The College of Wooster. Both camps are designed for more experienced players. The Match Play camps focus on Match Play strategies and techniques, while the College Prep camp is designed for high school players aiming to play collegiate tennis in the future.

Come see why the All-American Tennis Camp is one of the best summer tennis camps in the country!

Camp Details:

  • Camp Type: Tennis
  • Gender: M/F
  • Age Range: 8 to 18
  • Camp Activities: Tennis

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