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Camp Description:

UCA camp is where squad bonds are formed and memories are made. Not only is it one of the most fun-filled experiences for your team, but also attending a UCA camp keeps you and your team current with the latest cheer innovations and gives you the competitive edge for the upcoming year! With over 3000 sessions across the country UCA is the largest cheerleading company in the world!

Ready to ignite school spirit and turn your squad into a cohesive cheerleading force on and off the field? Then UCA is where you want to be. The UCA philosophy is simple - we transform young people into dynamic spirit leaders AND help them develop strong leadership skills for life. Our program instills confidence, enthusiasm, responsibility, and motivation in all team members while transforming them into a unified squad. AND WE HAVE FUN DOING IT! Change the way you think about cheerleading when you experience cheerleading as it was meant to be.

UCA Overnight Camp:

This camp is action packed and offers tradition inspired cheers and chants. It is UCAs most popular type of summer camp that is usually held at a state university. The camp is 3 nights and four days, offering you everything from an amazing Coaches Program, Daily Evaluations, All-American Program, Game Time Class, daily one on one instruction with the UCA staff, a Camp Rally and so much more!

UCA Day Camp:

Very similar to our traditional Overnight Camps, including the UCA program and incredible UCA Staff, with the added convenience of staying at home.

UCA Tradition Home Camp:

Same material as our Overnight camps, but we come to you. This camp covers all aspects of your cheer season from stunts, dances, jumps, cheers & sidelines and much, much more.

UCA Stunt Camps:

For competitive teams interested in partner stunts, choreography, transitions, pyramids, and competition-level performance.

UCA Stunt Home Camps:

A unique Home Camp focusing on stunts. Squads concentrating on safe building techniques will begin with beginner partner stunt techniques. More advanced teams will want UCAs special instruction for elite partner stunts.

Camp Details:

  • Camp Type: Cheerleading
  • Founded: 1974
  • Gender: M/F
  • Age Range: 8 to 18
  • Camp Activities: Cheerleading

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