University of South Dakota Basketball Summer Camp 2014 for Youth

Basketball Training Camp in South Dakota 2014 for School and College Students

South Dakota hosts many basketball teams like the Sioux Falls Skyforce. Basketball camps in South Dakota are a great way to develop your skills and learn new ones during the summer months so you can make it to team selections. Not only will young athletes be able to meet other players in their age and skill group, they will also get a chance to learn the fundamentals of the game in a safe learning environment. There are many youth basketball camps to choose from. While some camps focus only on the developmental aspects of the overall game, you will also find camps that are position-specific in nature, dealing with specific skills like ball handling and position specific play. Sports Camp Connection is here to make it easier for you to get free information about all Basketball Camp in South Dakota State for youth, girls, boys, men and women and across the country.

University of South Dakota States Youth Basketball Camps 2014 :

  • NCSA Athletic Recruiting - College

    Basketball Recruiting

    Interested in a top basketball scholarship, a life-changing education, a fulfilling career, it all starts with NCSA Basketball Recruiting!

    What will your story be? Build a free basketball recruiting profile, Join the largest basketball recruiting network of college coaches, and make your Dream a reality. Get started today!

    Gender: M/F
    Age Range: 14 to 18
    Founded: 2004
  • Advantage Basketball Camp

    Various Locations

    Advantage Basketball Camps are consistently rated as one of the top basketball ball-handling camps in the nation. Advantage Basketball Camps are designed to bring out the very best in youth athletes including respect, sportsmanship, enhanced fundamental athletic ability, and a deeper understanding of teamwork.

    Gender: M/F
    Age Range: 7 to 18
    Founded: 1987
  • Breakthrough Basketball Camp

    Various Locations

    Breakthrough Basketball Camp help players excel in the sport of basketball. We offer 5 different types of basketball camps in 40 locations across the united states. We are located in most major cities and can help take your game to the next level. Request more information today.

    Gender: M/F
    Age Range: 7 to 18
  • NBC Basketball Camps

    Multiple US Locations

    NBC Camps is the largest overnight basketball camp program in the world. We focus on total skill develop emphasizing training the total athlete. Our camps elevate skill level through intensive skill training. We break down each skill into specific portions which ingrain the skill and creates muscle memory. The intensity of our camps help maximize the heightened environment necessary for growth. Our camps are high energy, fun, and unlike any other camp experience. Come elevate your game and change your life.

    Gender: M/F
    Age Range: 8 to18
    Founded: 1971
  • The Hun School of Princeton Sports Camps


    Gender: M
    Age Range: 7 to 15
  • SDSU Basketball Camps

    Brookings, SD

    At SDSU Basketball Camps provide each individual with an excellent opportunity to work on skill development and implement what they learn into competitive situations.

    Gender: F/M
    Age Range: Grades:k-12
  • Project International Elite Sports Academy


    The Project International Elite Sports Academy camp is well established as one of the top international sports academies in the world. Athletes focused on soccer, golf, basketball and tennis will experience an elite level of training in a world class setting. Our soccer academy has been running 18 years strong. Come experience a true athletic experience.

    Gender: M/F
    Age Range: 8 to 19
    Founded: 1986

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