The Cost of Athletic Recruitment Services

Posted on August 6, 2012 by admin

From high profile youth sports camps to highlight videos, self recruiting isn’t free!

Recruiting yourself in today’s competitive athletic landscape costs time and money plain and simple.  Done right, the rewards can last a lifetime!  How much time and money YOU spend depends on how much you and your family know about how the recruiting process works.The National Collegiate Scouting Association offers many recruiting packages, check out some of the NCSA reviews.

Generating your own high quality highlight tape that showcases your athletic talents can be fairly expensive.  Making copies yourself and addressing to multiple coaches can be a time consuming ncsa recruitment process as well.  What’s more, shipping that highlight video all over the country can really add up.

There are a couple ways you can cut down on the cost of athletic recruiting and get more bang for your buck.  Check out these simple money saving tricks for recruiting!

For more information on athletic recruiting services check out NCSA Athletic Recruiting

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