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Posted on December 2, 2012 by admin

Winter Recruiting 2017 to make most out of winter breaks

There are few times in a young athletes life where they have some much deserved down time and can reflect on the progress they’ve made.  This is the ideal time to consider ways to improve your  winter recruiting prospect.  We’ve listed a few great ideas of  winter break recruiting 2017 to help you achieve your goals and get a head start on the new year.

Make that Highlight clip:

Now a days, a lot of winter break recruiting programs takes place online. Your video should not too long and should feature only your best plays. Don’t forget to includes some skill drills for your sport.

Get serious about Academics:

If you want to play in college, you need to be a student-athlete and that means being academically prepared. Prepare for your standardized tests by taking ACT or SAT prep – the registration deadlines for early 2013 test dates are coming up fast! And keep on top of any homework.

Consider Contacting the coach:

Contacting coaches is a year-round affair and winter break recruitment is a great time to get a head start, or play catch-up if you’ve fallen behind. Take some of that time and energy and write personalized letters to the coaches that you’re interested in playing for.

Don’t slack off on training:

Remember that every calorie you eat now is one you’re going to have to burn off to get back into top shape for your competition. Better to use your conditioning to take your game to the next level than burning off some holiday snacking. Get in your cardio however is comfortable – jumping jacks, treadmill, etc.


And to all you athletes in warm places who don’t have to deal with the snow this winter – the same goes for all of you. If anything, you’ve got to be even more disciplined because the winter’s not keeping you inside. Whether you live in Arizona or Maine set aside some time to pursue your dream this holiday season. You won’t regret it!

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