Ice Hockey Camps 2017 for Youths in your Area

Best Ice Hockey Camps 2017 for Youths Players

Find Top Ice Hockey Camps for Girls and Boys Athletes

Ice hockey camps are a great opportunity for youth athletes to improve their skills on the ice. From specialized ice hockey goalie camps to other position-specific camps, hockey camp can be a great way to develop new skills, and make new friends. No matter if you are a beginner to the ice or have great ability ice hockey camps are a great way to improve your skills and have fun. Take the next step and find a ice hockey camps for young players today.

Choosing the Best Ice Hockey Camps

An athlete who wants to excel at ice hockey needs a training camp that focuses on the different aspects of this sport. The ice hockey training camps help athletes to improve the fundamentals of the game as well as to develop different skills and techniques. The coaches at such camps have years of experiencing in training and motivating athletes. They help athletes develop a complete understanding of this sport including the rules and regulations.

Ice hockey camps are responsible for improving a number of skills of the athletes. Though it is a team sport, there are a number of individual skills that an athlete needs to improve on to excel in this sport. The different individual skills that drills in camps focus on are:

  • Forward Skating – Drills and exercises help players improve skills such as forward start, left and right cross over, skating balance, etc.
  • Shooting Skills – Camps help improve all different types of shots including slap shot, snap shot, backhand shot, etc.
  • Body Checking – Athletes work on their offensive and defensive checking strategies at camps.
  • Passing Skills – Passing skills such as saucer pass, backhand pass along with others are improved here.
  • Backward Skating
  • Puck Control Skills – Camps also instruct athletes in stick handling, puck pulling, pushing, etc.

Find Top Ice Hockey Camps for Youth in Your Area

Top Ice Hockey Camp Features

Athletes benefit from camps in a number of different ways. Ice hockey training camps provide athletes an opportunity to engage in healthy competition in a great learning environment. Such camps have a number of different features that attract athletes to join them. These are

  • A low staff to camper ratio allows athletes to benefit from more personal attention. A high ratio is regarded to inhibit learning.
  • Campers are divided in different groups based on their age and skill level. These camps encourage interactions between like-minded peers and healthy competition.
  • At some camps, the schedules are tailored to fit the athletes.
  • The ice hockey training camps provide campers with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.

There are a variety of camps available for athletes in the US today. Camps like Elite Ice Hockey Training Camps and Ferris State University Ice Hockey Camp vary on the basis of the athletes they cater to or on the ability level of these athletes. There are camps that are specifically youth ice hockey camps, international ice hockey camps as well as intensive camps. While choosing the ideal camp, an athlete must consider the staff to camper ratio, the cost, the duration as well as the experience of the camp staff.

Sports Camp Connection offers athletes a free and detailed listing of all the best ice hockey camps in the US.

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