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Top Youth Lacrosse Camps for Girls and Boys

Lacrosse camps, or lax camps, offer youth athletes a way to learn one of the fastest growing sports in the country. A youth lacrosse camp can be found almost anywhere in the US and there are some great university camps to consider as well. See what lacrosse camps are near you or find top camps across the country and have fun at the same time. There are many great lacrosse camp for players whether girl of boys have options waiting to be discovered.

A very popular sport in North America, lacrosse has its origins in the 1100s. Played on both recreational and professional levels, there are various skills a player needs in order to excel at this sport. Lacrosse camps help teach the players these essential skills, and thereby, make them a better player. Players can make constructive use of their spring or winter breaks by attending these camps. At camps, players can play the sport they love for hours and learn new skills at the same time.

Find Best Lacrosse Camps for Youth in Your Area

Importance of Best Lacrosse Camps

Lacrosse camps, like every other sport camp, divide campers into different groups depending on the athlete’s age and level of skill. Players have the option of choosing between different types of national lacrosse camps.

Pro Lacrosse camps are important as they provide private coaching when needed. These camps help build character by working on the player’s confidence and self-esteem. A lacrosse camp also instills discipline and a sense of independence in each camper. Camps of lacrosse provide players a stage to display their skills and techniques. During this display, the coaches can identify flaws in the technique, and help by offering pointers to improve them.

Top Lacrosse Camp Features

  • Camps have coaches that have years of experience in this field and they provide quality instruction to all campers, irrespective of whether they are beginners, novices or advanced players.
  • They offer position-specific training. Goalies work on efficient outlet passes and develop quicker hands. There are different instruction for positions like attack, midfield, defense and face-off. All these instructions are taught to the campers in a fun learning environment.
  • Individualized training is offered whenever necessary. For example, if a player needs to work on harder and correct shooting, or dodging to score, they are coached individually. Individuals also learn to use the stick with both their hands.
  • Since it is a team sport, it is essential for players to concentrate on team work. Campers are taught about reading situations in games, and the transition between offense and defense.
  • Low coach to camper ratios also help in more direct instruction. Players get an opportunity to engage with other players who are similar in age and ability.

These are some basic features that are similar to all free lacrosse camps. Each individual camp will have their own features that set them apart. Sports Camp Connection is a free website that has a detailed list of such lacrosse camps including upcoming camps all over US.

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