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Advantage Basketball Camps Get It Right!

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the country with boys and girls starting early to develop their skills for that school varsity spot. As the school year comes to a close, it is time to look for a summer basketball camp where athletes can having fun and improve their skills.

If you are someone who loves basketball, wants to learn the fundamentals of the sport, and dreams of playing professional basketball one day, then Advantage Basketball Camps is where you should spend your summer.

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The camp offers an intensive and fun approach to learning and developing skills in basketball. The camp is open to boys and girls aged 7 to 18. One can choose which camp to join, the Shooting camp, Ball-handling, and “Specialty” camp. The shooting and ball-handling camps teach primary skills that one needs in basketball. Once the foundation of these skills is strong enough, it is time to develop some special skills through the “Specialty” camp.

This camp offers training from a range of skills like defense and offense, court awareness, shooting and more. The camp also believes in developing ones muscle memory and campers will undergo repetitive drills in order to develop this muscle. By repeating the drills, the body gets used to the movement and this practice is viewed by many coaches and training instructors as key to developing fundamental basketball skills.

Below is a video from the Advantage Basketball Camp.

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The Advantage Basketball Camps has been around for more than two decades now. Michael Hummel founded the camp in 1986 with the belief that sports give children the attention and direction that they need. Since then, the camp has been providing its campers the skills and discipline that they need not just in basketball but also in life.

The Advantage Basketball Camps is handled by top basketball training staffs from around the world. They help in promoting and carrying out the goals of the camp by providing top quality training to campers. Campers are sure to learn a lot from their trainers because they are experienced in what they do. Trainers include NBA and WNBA players, Professional international players, former Olympians, and a range of professional trainers that handle strength and conditioning programs. Imagine the knowledge and experience that these professionals have and will pass on to their campers. This ensures that campers finish their program equipped with the proper basketball foundation.

Together with top quality trainers and the right set of goals to help campers learn basketball, the Advantage Basketball Camps is serious when it comes to achieving quality results. Campers should be ready to work hard in this camp if they want to make it to their school’s varsity program.

So if you are someone who wants to develop basketball fundamentals or learn proper technique to improve your skills and gain that edge, Advantage Basketball Camp is a great option. Over the years, the camp has expanded to offer camps in many states across the country reaching out to all those aspiring future basketball stars.

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