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Baseball is source of passion and pride for most people in the United States. It has been considered one of the most popular sports in the country for over a century now. From Little League to Major League Baseball, players chart their journey against all odds. The competition is tough, but determined players who love the game are the ones who make it to the big leagues.

baseball camps in america
Though the game was invented in the 1860s, the first professional baseball league was born in 1871. No baseball story can be considered complete without mentioning the illustrious power hitter of the New York Yankees, Babe Ruth! His brilliance led to a great surge in popularity for the sport.  Today, youth athletes want to be just as good and perhaps, even better than their baseball icons. Attending baseball camps in the US is a great way for athletes to perfect their techniques and get ready for the new season.

Types of Baseball Camps

There are a variety of baseball camps to choose from. Depending on your budget and the needs of the young athletes, you can opt for day or overnight camps and instructional or specialty camps.

College baseball camps are a decidedly popular option especially amongst older players who are ready to go to the college of their dreams. Attending college camps allows them to have a look at the college sports program, facilities and staff, while they learn new baseball techniques and revel in campus life. A couple of the most popular college and university run camps in the country are the University of georgia Baseball Camp and Boston College Men’s Baseball Camps.

Privately owned or third party camps are generally more intensive and performance oriented. These camps focus more on the individual needs of the player. If you are looking for a camp that maintains ideal coach to camper ratios, offers good facilities and intensive training, third-party camps are probably your best option. USSC NIKE Baseball Camps, America’s Baseball Camps and US Baseball Academy Camps are some of the reputed baseball camps in the country.

Age Range and Costs of Baseball Camp

Camps generally accept players as young as 6 years old and as old as 18 years. Most programs categorize campers based on the school grade they are in and the skill level they display. You may sign up for Beginners/Basic, Intermediate or Advanced baseball camps.

The cost of camp depends on a number of factors like the locations of the camp, who is operating it, the facilities offered, the type of camp and more. Some camp fees are as little as $50 while others charge more than $700. It is important to bear in mind that just because a camp is expensive, it does not necessarily mean that it is a good camp. Choose the right summer baseball camp after weighing the costs with the offered facilities and training program. You can also look out for discounts on advance registration.

What to Expect from Baseball Camps

Camping sessions typically run for 2 to 6 weeks. Youth athletes get a chance hone their skills with intensive training under the eyes of an expert coach. Instructional camps start with the fundamentals of the game, and the more detailed techniques and skills are introduced later.  Good summer camps address every aspect of the game and involve in-depth practice sessions, drills, situation games along with strength training and mental brainstorming activities.

By attending the sessions, players can perfect skills like pitching, catching, hitting, along with specifics like enhancing grip strength, flexibility, speed, the 60 yard dash and more. Specific skill programs are also offered in addition to the all-skills programs.

It is important to make the most of the summer days by enrolling your child into a baseball summer camp. Whether you are looking for a camp that will simply introduce baseball to your child or one that offers intensive training for talented youth athletes, there are plenty of baseball camps located all over the country.

By capitalizing on the summer break, youth athletes will be able to get an edge over other players. The practice, new skills that they pick up during camp and the overall experience will help them bring their best game to the table when it is time to pitch for high school varsity and college teams.



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