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Posted on May 5, 2010 by Scott

Strike Three Baseball Camp in Rhode Island

The Strike Three Baseball Camp in Rhode Island has three primary goals. They want to improve the performance of young athletes, which means they will work on increasing strength, speed, endurance, flexibility and power. They are vigilant about reducing the risk of injury. To that end, they make sure all campers warm up and stretch, and they closely monitor the mechanics of throwing and hitting. Their third objective is for campers to have fun, to go home with a stock of great memories and new friends, as well as improved skills for the diamond.

What You’ll Work on at Baseball Camp in Rhode Island

There are a lot of different skills needed to be successful at baseball, and the Strike Three Baseball Camp in Rhode Island will help you develop to your top potential in all of them. When throwing, you need to understand the mechanics of leverage and how the body uses that leverage for short and long throws. Body positioning and rotation are related to this concept. The instructors break the throw down into five parts: breathing and focus, the balance point, the break and drive, the rotation, and the follow through.

Hitting and running drills, basic defensive techniques, and simulated games where campers will learn the specific skills of each position are also part of the curriculum. Some of the situations covered include throw downs from home to all bases, around the horn infield drills, double plays, bunt plays, and outfield cutoffs and relays.

Team dynamics and sportsmanship are also part of what campers will learn at Strike Three. A championship attitude is what makes a real champion, more than strength or skills. Campers will learn how to support their teammates and build team spirit at the same time they learn how to reach their own full potential on the diamond.


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