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Posted on May 5, 2010 by Scott

BYU Baseball Camps in Utah

Brigham Young University offers two baseball camps in Utah, a high school camp for players aged 15 to 18 and a skills camp for players aged 9 to 14. There will be two sessions for each camp.

The baseball skills camp is for players at a beginning or intermediate level. Here you’ll get instruction from BYU Cougars coach John Vance, professional guest coaches and current members of the Cougars team. You’ll learn the fundamentals of batting stance, hitting and bunting; base running, speed development and sliding; pitching and throwing mechanics; fielding, pickoffs, tags, pivoting, cutoffs, relays, and double plays.

The high school camp, for more advanced players, will not only help you reach your highest potential in terms of skills, but will also give you an opportunity to showcase your abilities in front of the BYU coaching staff. You’ll use the BYU equipment, such as pitching machines and batting stations, and will receive a video analysis to help you pinpoint the skills you need to work on.

Standards at BYU Baseball Camps in Utah

Standards of conduct at the BYU baseball camps in Utah are set high, and all players are obligated to meet them. The primary intent is for all players to adhere to the highest level of honor, integrity, language and morality. Participants must abstain from tobacco, alcohol, coffee, tea and harmful drugs. Modesty in dress and a clean-cut appearance are required. While athletic wear is acceptable on the playing field, shorts should be knee-length in the cafeteria or on the campus, and tank tops or sleeveless shirts are not appropriate. Men must be clean-shaven unless they can provide documentation that their beard has a religious or cultural significance. Hair should be cut above the collar and should not cover the ears. Earrings on men are not acceptable.


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