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Posted on May 5, 2010 by Scott

What to Look for in a Baseball Camp in West Virginia

If you’re interested in attending a baseball camp in West Virginia, there are a few aspects you should look into to be sure you’re choosing the right camp for your particular needs.

First, you should take into account your age and the level of your experience. If you are a younger player with beginning or intermediate skills, your camp goals will be different from those of a high school upperclassman who is interested in playing on the college level. You may want to choose a camp that hosts only people in your age group, but at least be sure that campers are separated into groups of kids with similar skills.

Younger players will want to learn the fundamentals, while older athletes might want to check into camps sponsored by colleges, or showcase camps that invite coaches and recruiters. There are also specialized camps for advanced players, where you can concentrate on a particular set of skills, such as pitching or hitting.

What Do Baseball Camps in West Virginia Offer You?

When choosing among baseball camps in West Virginia, be sure to choose one that has a good ratio of staff to campers. You’ll want to get as much individual attention as you can from the coaching staff, since that helps you improve your skills more quickly. You might also want to choose a camp that limits the number of campers so you’ll get more opportunity to be on the field.

You’ll also want to choose between an overnight camp and a day camp. You may need to travel to find the type of camp that suits you best, in which case an overnight camp is a necessity. Even when close to home, however, you might want to choose an overnight camp for the increased opportunities to bond with new people and have fun. On the other hand, if you need to work in the evenings or just would prefer to be home, day camp is your best choice.


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