Baseball Camps Wisconsin

Posted on May 5, 2010 by Scott

Choose Your Baseball Camp in Wisconsin

You’ve got a lot of options if you’d like to attend a baseball camp in Wisconsin. There are several commercial camp franchises that have openings at camps, academies and clinics, as well as youth baseball camps. Some things to take into account when making your selection are your age, level of experience, budget, location and what you want to get out of the camp.

For younger athletes at beginning and intermediate levels, the primary purpose really should be to have fun and enjoy the game. You’ll also learn the fundamentals, of course, and work on developing your skills, but you’ll also have a blast meeting other kids and getting out on the field.

Older players, especially those who might want to continue their baseball career on the college level, can choose among general skills camps, specialty camps, clinics and showcases. General skills camps will help you improve all aspects of your game. You should get individualized coaching, and may also be able to analyze film to see where you need work.

Specialized camps and clinics allow you to focus on a particular skill set, such as pitching or hitting. There are two approaches to specializing: you can either select the camp that works with your strength in order to learn more advanced skills, or you might want to go the other way and strive to develop in an area where you’re weak.

Collegiate Baseball Camps in Wisconsin

If you’re interested in playing on the college level, investigate colleges to find out which ones offer baseball camps in Wisconsin. These will give you the best opportunity to showcase your skills in front of college coaches and recruiters. Seeing you actually on the field gives them a means of assessing things such as sportsmanship, attitude, discipline and mental skills that they wouldn’t be able to gauge from a highlights reel, and remember that these intangibles are just as important as how far you can hit, how hard you can throw or how fast you can run.


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