Baseball Pitching Camps

Posted on May 5, 2010 by Scott

Baseball Pitching Camps Are a Great Way to Focus This Summer

Baseball pitching camp will give serious high school athletes a chance to really work on their pitching technique and speed, giving them the kind of focused instruction they may not get at regular team practices. Many serious pitchers also supplement the camp experience with private lessons.

What You’ll Learn at Baseball Pitching Camps

At a baseball pitching camp, a lot of the focus will be on the pitching itself. Expect to work on things like your off-speed pitching, as well as your fastball. Pitchers do more than throw the ball at the strike zone, though. A good pitching camp will spend time of the other aspects of the position. This can include defensive fielding techniques, like how to handle that line drive or what to do when the batter bunts. You’ll also work on things like how to read runners and how to hold them. These types of skills are very important for a pitcher to have, but often aren’t the focus of young pitchers, who concentrate almost exclusively on how they throw the ball.

Additional Options for Pitchers

As a supplement to a pitching camp, if you have the time and money to attend more than one camp, consider attending a batting camp. Pitchers that can bat are a much better catch than players who are just solid pitchers. Batting is another thing that pitchers often ignore, mainly because they can. Still, it’s good to have another skill to augment your pitching to attract college coaches and recruiters.

Recruiting is another thing to think about this summer. If you are a junior or senior and want to play college ball, you might want to attend a pitching camp that will host college coaches and/or scouts. Attending a camp that will also showcase your abilities to prospective coaches is a great way to combine pitching instruction with recruiting opportunities.


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