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Posted on March 31, 2012 by admin

Only the Best Baseball Camp for Your Son or Daughter

It is time to start searching for the best baseball camp for your son or daughter to attend this summer, while little league games are fun for kids, they are often coached by a parent on a part time basis.  If you want your son or daughter to excel at the game of baseball it is time to find a baseball camp coached by a professional.  There are baseball camps for beginners just learning to play the game and baseball camps for kids looking to hone their skills at specific positions. Whichever one you are searching for has them all.

Here are some of the Best Baseball Camps on

  1. Demarini’s Top 96 Baseball Camp
  2. Mark Cresse School of Baseball
  3. ABC Baseball Camps
  4. The Hitting Academy
  5. Ripken Baseball Camp
  6. Frozen Ropes Baseball Camp
  7. USSC Nike Baseball Camps
  8. New York Hitting Academy
  9. Florida Coast Spring Training Camps
  10. US Baseball Camps

DeMarini’s Top 96 baseball camp in california is a two day clinic. The clinic schedule is broken down into two distinct parts: instruction on day one and game time on day two. Players are instructed and evaluated by area college coaches who provide written and verbal evaluations of every player. Game day is a great opportunity to show off your skills and sportsmanship to the coaches and get attention from college scouts and recruiters.

Nike camps are week-long, overnight events. Nike camps devote time to instruction and games and offer players evaluations from the coaching staff. Nike camps can also be taken as extended day camps, where campers leave campus after practice each night; day campers, where the schedule is shorter and fewer meals are included; and half-day camps for those who cannot spend all day playing baseball. Nike camps are general skills camps that work on all aspects of your game, including fielding, batting, and position specific instruction as applicable.

You’ll also find university baseball camp options on University baseball camps are run by the school’s coaching staff.

Check out all of the baseball camps on



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