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Posted on July 8, 2012 by Scott

Cheerleading or Cheer camps in or near San Francisco

Many schools demand perfection from their cheerleading squads. When boys and girls hope to make their schools’ squads, they can gain the required skills by attending a cheerleading camp. When they attend cheer camps San Francisco teens learn basket tosses, round offs, chants, and more. They can go back to their schools, impress the judges, and win a spot on their hometown cheer squad.

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Even young people with no solid cheer skills can benefit from attending camp. In choosing cheer camps San Francisco attendees show that they are ready to work and learn new techniques. Their instructors emphasize the importance of being positive and focusing on their performances. Being in top physical form before attending camp also works in their favor.

Teens will be taught how to tumble, with tricks like hand srings, round offs, and back flips being common skills that are taught. Both girls and boys will learn how to stunt. Boys will be instructed in how to support the girls’ weight and help the girls perform basket tosses.

Instructors also spend time teaching the kids new chants and cheers. Those with timid voices will be taught how to yell and lead a crowd in cheers. The chants are accompanied by claps and dance steps. Additionally, cheer camp attendees can learn dance routines that can be performed during halftime shows. The skills learned at cher camp can be put to use in squads both large and small. The girls and boys who attend can take these skills back to their home schools and demonstrate their new and improved capabilities.

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