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Posted on May 11, 2010 by Scott

Football Camps That District of Columbia Students May Want to Travel For

National football organizations like Offense-Defense, Nike Sports Camps, and Sports International all host events in several cities across the country. They won’t be hosting events in every state, so if you want to attend one of these camps, you may have to travel a bit further for the experience. These camps have such a strong reputation, though, that many people gladly make the trip to the nearest host cities for the chance to attend.

Why are football camps like these so popular? They are popular because they attract the best. They offer instruction from some of the area’s best college and professional coaches. The reputation of these camps allows them to attract the best teaching talent, which in turn, attracts the best athletes. These camps often feature NFL players who teach classes, give lectures, or sign autographs or all of the above. Learning from someone who is currently in the profession is the kind of experience most kids won’t get to have unless they attend a camp like this. These camps attract the best athletes in the country. Playing and learning with the best high school athletes helps make you a better athlete and helps you to understand the level of competition facing you when you apply for college scholarships.

Some camps, like Nike or the O-D All American Bowl, are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities where college and pro scouts will see you play. This kind of exposure is rare during regular season play, so if you get an opportunity to participate in one of these, events, take it. Many Nike and O-D campers have gone on to play college and pro ball.

Football Camps Outside the District of Columbia

Students in the District of Columbia will have to look outside of their area to find these national football camp opportunities this summer. Try searching neighboring states at to find O-D, Nike, and Sports International camps that you can attend this year. Even though they are technically in another state, they may not be too far to commute to, so check them out.


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