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Posted on May 31, 2010 by Scott

Football Camps in Maine and Out-Of-State Options

National football camps give local high school athletes the chance to learn from college and pro coaches and players. If you don’t live in an area with a lot of national camp offerings, you can travel out-of-state to find one.

Out-of-state camps are a good choice for those who can afford to travel for camp. It gives you a chance to play with other athletes from around the country: an experience you wouldn’t normally get from regular season play. This exposure to other players who have learned from other coaches can really broaden your experience base, teaching you new techniques. It also gives you the chance to play against a whole new set of players, which is a valuable experience all on its own.

You’ll also get the chance to work with new coaches, from schools that aren’t nearby. Coaches often have a particular method of offense or defense that they use for their teams, and you can learn these methods from coaches at their university camps. National camps also hire coaches from the area, so you’ll have the same opportunities at a national camp that you would have at a university camp.

The other advantage to traveling out of state is the chance to be seen and evaluated by coaches from different schools. While local college coaches may attend high school games in their area to scout new talent, they aren’t likely to travel great distances to do so. At a national camp, and some university camps, you’ll be seen by coaches from several different schools, giving you more recruitment opportunities.

Find Football Camps in Maine and Across the Country

To see a list of football camps by state, take a look at the listings at You can see national, university, and local camps in different states to find a camp that will have coaches from the school’s you are considering. You can also search for camps by zip code if you want to find something more local.


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