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Posted on May 31, 2010 by Scott

The Benefits of National Football Camps in New Jersey

National football camps are known for their recruiting opportunities, but that isn’t the only reason to attend one. They also attract the best coaching staff possible, whether it’s college coaches, NFL players, or both. If you want quality football instruction and recruiting opportunities this summer, look at the camps offered by Offense-Defense and Sports International in New Jersey this year.

Offense-Defense and Sports International Football Camps in New Jersey

Offense-Defense has been running full-contact football camps for kids and high school athletes for over forty years and it shows. They have an impressive list of alumni, including 30 of the 32 current NFL coaches and six draft picks this year alone. This kind of national reputation allows them to attract the best coaching staff possible, with each camp hosting multiple college-level coaches. It’s also a great opportunity to be seen by these coaches and recruiting is one of the major draws of O-D camps. The chance to play in the O-D All American Bowl at the end of the year is another incredible opportunity you won’t get from attending any other camp.

Sports International camps are unique in that each camp is named after a famous person and taught by members of a professional sports team. There are two SI camps in New Jersey, one featuring the Philadelphia Eagles and another featuring players from the New York Jets and New York Giants. SI offers camps for younger players and camps for serious high school athletes. These camps focus on teaching you the skills and techniques used by the featured teams, instead of having a universal teaching method across all the SI camps in the nation. This means that every SI camp is going to teach something different, and be a great new opportunity, even if you’ve attended an SI camp in another city before.

There are other football camps in New Jersey, as well. Look at the state search results at to find other football camps available this summer.


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