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Posted on May 31, 2010 by Scott

Football Camps in New York: Knowing What to Look For

New York high school athletes will have plenty of options in their state this year for football camp, from the national organizations, private and public universities, and local organizations. Knowing which camp is best for you depends on what your goals are.

Football Camps in New York Offer Instruction and Exposure

The most obvious goal is to improve as a football player, and that is something you can do with pretty much any type of camp. Instruction is the bedrock of football camps, and you’ll find that all camps will offer some, even if they also include other aspects. University and national camps are usually taught by college coaches, so the instruction should be fairly comparable. Local camps can be taught by college or high school coaches or former players. The level of instruction will be variable, and depends a great deal on who is running the camp. Make sure you check out any local camps you are considering to make sure that the level of instruction is going to match your needs.

When it comes to recruitment, this is where you’ll find the big difference between national and university and local camps. National camps often include recruitment in some fashion in their curricula. For camps like O-D, it’s about giving players exposure to coaches and scouts. Some camps offer instruction on how to best market yourself or attract recruiter interest. University camps tend to be more about instruction, though they can be an avenue to recruitment at the host school. Don’t go into a university camp expecting to be scouted, though, unless the camp specifically mentions it in their material.

You can see a list of the football camps in New York this summer at, including the national, university, and local camp options.


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