Get Pumped for Olympic Trials

Posted on May 15, 2012 by Natalie Pedersen

Swimmers! Get Pumped for Olympic Trials

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Now that the short course season is finished up there is no time for a break.  It’s time to think about the upcoming long course season and the Olympic Trials. The summer long course season is already short enough being only 3 months long, but those swimmers who qualified for Trials will now have their championship meet a month earlier than normal.

The Olympic Trials are being held in Omaha, Nebraska, from June 25 to July 2.  The 2008 Olympic Trials were also held in Omaha where 9 World Records, 21 American Records and 17 U.S. Open Records were set.

Recruiting Tips to Consider

Swimmers, be sure to review your performance so far and ask your coach (es) how you’re doing. Finalize the last hard weeks of your season before your taper starts. If you don’t have a trial cut yet, there are still a few long course meets to achieve them before Omaha.  Even though these next few weeks you will probably be grinding the yards, don’t forget about your technique when you are in the middle of a hard set.

Ask your coach to video tape you so that you can review your technique when you’re working hard. See if your coach can do this without telling you when he’s taping so you get a true and accurate picture of your performance.

A good way to develop as a swimmer is to focus on getting stronger during dry land workouts and strengthen your core.  Swimming camps are also a great way to improve your skills though you should make sure the swim camp trains at a level consistent with your ability.  There are quite a few competitive swimming camps focused on training and development out there.

Also, don’t forget to stick to eating foods that fuel your body.  You will need a lot of good nutrition to get you through your hard work outs and then again during your taper time.


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