University of New York Golf Summer Camp For Youth

Posted on July 17, 2012 by Scott

Summer Golf Camps in or near New York

There are many reasons to send kids to golf camps in New York. One of the main reasons is to get coaching from coaches that have years of experience working with athletes at the highest levels of the golfing universe. Most high school athletes do not have exposure to the best coaching in their hometowns. The opportunity to go to a golf camp during the summer lets kids explore coaching that can completely transform their games.

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Improve your Golf Game at a New York Golf Camp

One way this coaching can transform young players’ games is through improving their swing mechanics. Many young golfers have never had the opportunity to work with a swing coach before. This means that their swings will usually have at least a couple flaws. Golf camps in New York almost always have at least one instructor whose sole job is to break down swings. Just making a few simple adjustments on a young golfer’s swing is a great way to shave several strokes off the scorecard.

Another benefit of golf camps in New York is the exposure to new courses for young golfers. Too many times golfers simply play their home courses over and over again all summer long. Playing the same course all the time doesn’t challenge golfers to improve their games. They play the same shots every round. Going to camp allows young golfers to play in new conditions that challenge them to expand the number of shots in their bags and become comfortable with new playing conditions.

Kids will really enjoy the opportunity to go to golf camp over the summer. They will improve their games, make new friends and fuel their desire to become better golfers. Click here to search New York Golf Camps.

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