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Gymnastics is a sport that is very demanding and challenging. It involves performing a series of exercises, and athletes interested in gymnastics have to possess grace, physical strength, agility, coordination as well as balance. Gymnastics camps can help youth athletes develop all these skills to perfection but it is important to choose the right camp based on your needs.

Most gymnasts tend to choose the camp that their fellow athletes will be attending. This is not a bad idea because being able to train with your team has benefits. However, if you are interested in choosing a gymnastics camp that will strengthen your skills and help you pursue a career in gymnastics, there are a few other things that you ought to consider. Understanding what gymnastics camps  have to offer will help you make the right choice for your career in the sport.

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Age Ranges

Most gymnastics camps accept athletes as young as 7 years old and as old as 18 years. There are some day camps that accept budding athletes who are as young as 4 years old. Camps tend to group athletes together based on their age as well as their skill level in the sport.

This way campers get to meet like-minded participants who are at par in terms of age and ability. Most camps last for at least a week. However, gymnasts will be given the option to attend more weeks if they wish to do so. Generally, gymnastics camps are either 1 or 2 weeks in duration.

Types of Gymnastics Camps

As you begin your research on gymnastics camps in the hope of choosing the best one for youth athletes, you will first have to ascertain what you hope to achieve by attending camp. Depending on your current skill level and what you hope to learn from camp, you will have to choose a specific type of camp.

Local Gymnastics Camps

Local camps are run at local gym facilities. These camps are generally intensive and allow gymnasts to train for longer periods of time. The staff and facilities are the same as the local gyms. Typically, the participants live in the surrounding area and more often than not, are members at the gym.

Private/Third-party Gymnastics Camps

Unlike local gyms that operate through the year, private gymnastics camps are run only in the summer and fall/winter break time. Most private camps like American Gymnastics Club Summer Camp in California have well-equipped facilities.

US Gymnastics Training Centers Summer Camps (USGTC) in Massachusetts is a popular option. Iconic Olympic gymnasts like Aly Raisman and John Orozco, along with world famous coaches like Mihai Brestyan and Alex Toumilovich were a part of their 2013 camp. This gives budding gymnasts a chance to learn from the best.

Such camps are conducted on a large scale, and day as well as overnight options are offered to campers. They are perfect for a gymnast who wants to compare his/her skills with the competition. You will know where you stand and how to get better by the end of the camp.

College Gymnastics Camps

High school gymnasts who are hoping to compete at the collegiate level opt for college gymnastics camps. Colleges that offer a gymnastics sports program are often the best equipped, with a faculty that is highly trained. Not only will campers have access to the campus and the cafeteria, but they will also be able to use the weight training rooms, whirlpools, training rooms and more.

The training staff, therapists and nutrition counsellors of the college are all resources available at camp. If you are interested in getting a college scholarship, you just cannot miss college gymnastics camps. Penn State University offers a well-renowned and well-rounded gymnastics camp.

Elite Gymnastics Camps


There are a handful of elite gymnastics camps held across the country. Attendance to these camps is generally on an invite-only basis. These camps are run by top coaches who have trained with Olympians, National and World Champion team members. The level of training at these camps is highly intensive and will probably be the very best training a gymnast can hope to receive at any camp.

Some local camps charge $125 per week, while elite and private camps can go as high as $1000 or more per week. The prices depend on a number of factors like facilities offered, type of program, level of coaching and the number of training hours offered. Make your choice keeping the specific needs of youth athletes in mind.


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