McCracken Basketball Camps 2017

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2017 McCracken Basketball Camps

Basketball camp has not been the same since the McCracken Basketball Camp was opened in 1963. The Hall of Fame coach from Indiana University, Branch McCracken, has been in operation for 48 years now and has provided training and confidence building experiences to well over one hundred different players. Their services are offered from the young athlete that really wants to learn to play the game to the more advanced high school player that wants to advance their skills and abilities.


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Summer basketball camp at McCracken involves five separate programs that are designed specifically for the individual and for an entire team. The experienced coaches and staff will provide guidance in the fundamental elements of basketball. These include passing, shooting, dribbling, and working as part of a team, all of which as necessary to be an effective part of a basketball team. Many of the past participants have left the camp with both a greater understanding of the game itself and a higher skill level from the experience. The parents, coaches and students alike have wonderful things to say about the summer basketball camp.


Click here for a list of McCracken Basketball Camp Locations


The five specific types of basketball camp that they offer are the Complete Skills Camp, the Shooting Camp, the Gold Camp, the Junior Gold Camp, and the Post/Perimeter Camp. These camps will offer specific areas of training for the campers and will focus on particular parts of the game. There are age limitations on some of the camps to ensure that the participants are able to complete all of the necessary training and skill building exercises. The Complete Skills Camp is a well rounded camp that has been in place for forty seven years. It provides guidance in each and every phase of the game of basketball and is great for any skill level. The age/skill sets are broken up into smaller groups to complete drills.

The Shooting Camp, between the ages of ten and eighteen, provides training and resources that deal will every aspect of making a shot. This includes technique building exercises, drills that are intended to increase confidence, games within a league, and the ability to work in small groups to get more personal attention and coaching. At this summer basketball camp the campers are all provided with a video-taped shot and a critique of their skills.

The Gold Camp and the Junior Gold Camp are intended for experienced basketball players. The Gold Camp is for the high school players and the Junior Gold Camp is for the middle school or junior high school student that wants to learn to play harder and with more skill. They are provided direct instruction as well as given drills that enhance their abilities. There are scrimmages and games that will help them prepare to take the court at their home school during the basketball season. They receive a written evaluation that identifies areas of opportunity as well as strong points.

These athletes may even decide to attend the Post/Perimeter Camp so they can work on this aspect of the game. They will have the ability to work in small groups to develop their skills to a higher level. Basketball camp at The McCracken provides youth of all ages with experience that can enhance their playing skills all in the setting of a summer basketball camp. Find best Fort Wayne, and Adrian college mccracken basketball camps 2017.

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