Nike Youth Football Training Camps For Youth Athletes

Posted on May 5, 2010 by Scott

Nike football camps for Girls, Boys and Kids

Nike Football Camps are an elite training opportunity for select high school athletes. Unlike many other camps, these camps are free, but registration is limited to players who have been recommended by coaches or who are selected based on a submitted tape.

What You’ll Learn at 2017  Nike Football Training Camp

The Nike Football Camp breaks down into three major sections: SPARQ training, position drills, and one-on-one sessions. SPARQ training is a program designed by and for NFL players. This training focuses on drills for general speed, agility, and explosiveness.

It also includes drills that work the strengths and skills for specific positions. Position drills are taught by college and NFL experienced coaches and are divided into groups by position, such as QB, OL and DL, RB, and LB and DB. The one-on-one sessions focus on no-contact line drills and passing.

A large number of Nike youth football camp attendees get recruited by D1 schools. In fact, almost half of all scholarship recipients attended a Nike camp like Michigan football summer camp. This is due to the exposure you get from attending this camp. Not only are top college recruiters in attendance, ESPN also does coverage, adding to the national exposure of camp participants.

If you’re worried about turning in a bad performance at camp, don’t be. While a bad performance won’t hurt your recruiting chances, a good performance can be invaluable. But try to give your best to Nike football training camps.

In addition to the recruitment opportunities, campers come away with the knowledge they need to continue to advance their skills outside of camp. The focus on drills gives campers a strong base on which to build as they continue to practice and train.

You’ll also find other useful information about the camp registration, including how to submit a tape.

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