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Posted on May 7, 2010 by Scott

point guard summer basketball camp 2014PGC Basketball provides an intense, no-nonsense basketball education for male and female players, as well as coaches. Our courses are designed to teach players of all positions to play smart basketball, to be coaches on the court, and to be leaders in practices, games, and in everyday life.  PGC was originally founded by Dick Devenzio who played for Duke University and earned Academic All-American and Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) all star honors. Today that tradition continues with a dedicated staff of top coaches ready to help take your game to the next level.

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Point Guard College offers three different courses for the coaches and athletes that attend. They are all geared towards teaching how to train basketball players effectively and how to play a smart game of basketball. They strive to help every student become a coach on the court and show leadership to their teams at all times including games and practice sessions.

The attendees are provided with a classroom setting for learning sessions. They should bring pen and paper so they can take notes on the important information that will be shared during these sessions. Between two and three times a day they will be scheduled to attend a classroom session that will provide important details about all areas that are important to the youth basketball programs and exciting tips and guidelines that should be followed. Some of the topics that are covered are dribbling, shooting, teamwork, and passing.

The information that is discussed in the classroom will be put to work on the court during court time. The basketball camps that are provided will encourage habits to be built both mentally and physically that will allow the participants to play a smarter game of basketball. Special focus is given to teaching a group to function as a team and overcome any adversity that may come their way. They will be encouraged to work hard and work together as a team.

All of the sessions at this Basketball Camp Ohio include accommodations at the college that is hosting the camp for five days and four nights. The camp also includes all meals during that time frame. There is a session director that is available to all of the attendees from early morning until late at night. There is a final exam at the end of the camp that will test the knowledge that the campers have gained throughout their time at the camp.

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When the players move back into their normal lives at their college or high school they should be returning with a new found understanding of the game of basketball as well as a higher sense of confidence in their abilities. They will be able to demonstrate leadership skills that were taught in the basketball camp and may even feel a new sense of excitement about the game. They will have the knowledge of what tools are necessary to keep them fit and ready during off seasons and will have a full notebook that includes specific strategies for both on and off court successes.

The core values at Point Guard College all surround the acronym “SCHAPE”. Each letter of this acronym reflects a piece of the formula that is necessary to learn the functionality of the game and to take your skill levels to the next realm. The letters stand for: Spirit, Communication, Hustle, Approach, Precision, and finally Enhancement. These are all essential parts of becoming a very good basketball player.

They believe strongly that they can help to “SCHAPE” the youth basketball players and the adult players as well into enhancing their strengths and developing their weaknesses. They have the necessary training abilities to assist with the basketball players on nearly every level.

Click here for a list of Point Guard College Basketball Camp Locations


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