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Get the Best NCAA Men’s and Women’s Soccer Scholarships

Soccer Scholarships for Youth AthletesCollege Soccer Scholarship Calendar – What you should be doing and when! Soccer is one of the fastest growing and most loved sports in the United States. Both male and female athletes play this exciting game. Many colleges and universities offer soccer scholarships to help young athletes who may need financial assistance.  With so many high school players viding for these athletic scholarships the level of competition can get fierce. Getting a athletic scholarship to play soccer in college can be difficult if you do not know how to take the right steps at the right time. Article Contents:

  • Types of Athletic Scholarships
  • NCAA Rules and Regulations
  • Athletic Scholarship Calendar

Athletic Scholarships for Soccer Camps

Type of Athletic Scholarships for Soccer Camps

Colleges offer two basic types of scholarships – full ride and partial. Colleges have a certain number of scholarships that can be offered for every sport. With the ever increasing price of college tuition and playing competitive soccer, any type of financial aid program will be of help to players. Every soccer player dreams of being as great as Diego Maradona, Lionel Messi, Ronaldinho and Ronaldo. But did you know that each of these players would have had a tough time making it big in soccer if not for financial aid? Maradona’s roots stem from a sacrificing mother who pretended to have a stomach ache during dinner so her children could have the lion’s share of the meals. Messi was egged on by the fact that Barcelona agreed to pay the medical bills that arose from his human growth hormone deficiency. Ronaldinho lived in an old wooden house in Porto Alegre while Ronaldo grew up playing his game in one of the backstreets of poverty-stricken Rio de Janeiro. Though some of these greats never went through the traditional college level play, today’s athletes (especially those in the US) who are looking to play in college but lack the financial resources to do so need to understand the what types of scholarships are available to them.  But, in order to secure the right college scholarship, players have to begin early.

NCAA Soccer Rules Scholarships and Regulations

In order to prepare for a college soccer admission, young athletes need to familiarize themselves with NCAA Rules. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is a non-profit association that organizes the athletic programs of most colleges and universities in the US. Did you know that NCAA Rules dictate that high school players need to maintain a minimum of 2.0 grade average?  For most athletes, this is the minimum they’ll need to achieve to stay competitive.  The rules also specify that students should have taken up specific CORE courses in order to be eligible to get a college soccer scholarship. Doing well on the SAT’s is a must.  Many colleges take into consideration soccer stats, SAT test scores as well as a players high school GPA. Earning a highly competitive scholarship is not an easy task, but it is also not impossible. This is a scholarship calendar you can follow to help you achieve your goals.

Soccer Scholarship Calendar

Freshmen Year

  • It is important for students to keep their GPA well above the minimum requirement.
  • Freshmen year will be a good time to join soccer clubs and play some tournaments.
  • Your state soccer association will be holding tryouts for the ODP (Olympic Development Program) and it is important that you give it your best shot.
  • Get an AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization) membership and enroll in their College Athlete Program (CAP), if possible.
  • This is the time to zero in on your chosen 25 to 30 colleges. Send out letters to the coaches of these colleges expressing your interest in their team.
  • Attend top local soccer camps like FCBarcelona Soccer Camps in Miami or Chicago IL, Challenger British Soccer Camps, AZ or any of the NIKE Soccer Camps.

  Sophomore Year

  • Sophomores should have gained a spot in the ODP.
  • You should be preparing for SAT examinations by taking mock tests.
  • Write to your chosen college coaches and ask them about the scholarship requirements and what is expected of a potential student.
  • Unlike high-stakes games like football, soccer coaches do not generally have the time or the funds to go talent-hunting. This makes it important for you to reach them instead. One great way to do this is to sign up for the college/university soccer camps like the Houston Cougar Soccer Camp in the University of TX, University of Miami Hurricanes Soccer Camp FL or Duke University’s Blue Devils Soccer Camp, NC. This will make coaches take notice of you. Athletic recruiting services can also help you get the word out.

Junior Year

Senior Year

  • Update your resume (SAT scores, ODP, CAP, GPA and camp experience)
  • By the time you are a senior, you will be waiting for letters of acceptance from your chosen colleges as well as your scholarship letters.

NCSA Athletic Recruiting’s College Soccer Recruiting Network can help you realize your dream of playing soccer in college. Stay at the top of your game, but don’t let academics slide. Use your highlights video, application and soccer camp experience to make yourself visible in the eyes of the coaches of your chosen college.


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