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Softball has been called the most popular recreational pastime in the United States. With more than 40 million Americans playing this sport in organized leagues, it is also one of the most loved games in the country. While there is potential for injury in this sport, like in any other, softball is known for having a comparatively lower incidence of severe injury.

With this in mind, it is a game that parents are more than happy to let their children play, even at very young ages. If your child is new to softball or is a player who wants to stay in form through off-season, softball camps in the US offer them the perfect opportunity to learn, play and improve.

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What do you stand to gain from attending softball camps?

  • Players will be introduced to a higher level of competitive softball. They will get a chance to check out the competition and see if their skills measure up.
  • Softball camps are very important for high school players. Camps offer a large amount of exposure because there will be many traveling and college coaches keeping an eye out for stellar talent. When it comes to college recruitment, camps can help players become more visible and welcome.
  • Some softball camps boast of top collegiate coaches, Olympic medalists and professional softball players. Instead of just looking at your sports icons from afar, you will get the chance to be tutored by them! To be the best, learn from the best.

Types of Softball Camps

Most softball camps offer various duration options like day, extended day and overnight camps.

  • Day camps are perfect for beginner level players who have never seen the hustle of camp before. Such camps typically offer a few hours of instruction and a scrimmage softball game, and run from 9 am to 3 pm.
  • Extended day camps are similar to overnight camps, except that you will be on your way home in the night. These are perfect options for commuters because they operate from 9 am to 9 pm.
  • Overnight camps are easily the most sought after option because advanced players stand to gain much from spending so much quality time with teammates and coaches.
  • Some well-known camps like USSC NIKE Softball Camps also offer a Half-Day Camp option. These camps are open to players of all skill levels and provide intense focused training.

At the beginning of an instructional or developmental camp, campers will be split into groups based on the positions that they play in – defense, offense, catchers and pitchers. This allows coaches to manage the group and offer position-specific advice. If you are interested in learning the techniques associated with a particular position only, you can also opt for position specific softball camps.

Softball camps also differ depending on who is running them:

  • Private Camps: Camps run by private or third-party organizations offer good facilities and top coaches. These camps are intensive in nature. You can choose to attend beginners, intermediate or advanced level camps. Popular options are softball camps run by America’s Baseball Camps and US Baseball Camps.
  • College Camps: Top collegiate coaches run college or university camps. These are perfect options for high school players looking forward to being recruited by the college. College camps allow players to get a taste of campus life, check out the college sports program and meet their competition. Softball for girls is becoming very popular in the country, and more girls are choosing to play this sport on a competitive level than ever before. With over 1,600 college sports programs in the country, the chances of getting a softball scholarship is not bleak at all. Some of the most recommended college camps for girls are Oklahoma State University Softball Camps, Florida State University Softball Camps and Arizona State University Softball Camps.

Age Range and Costs

Summer and offseason softball camps are designed for players between the ages of 7 and 18 years. In order to maximize learning and ensure social interaction, campers are generally divided into age groups.

The cost of softball camps all over the country differ greatly. Local camps tend to cost less, while renowned camps that boast of top collegiate coaches, Olympic or professional players, cost more. Other factors that affect the pricing of camp include the facilities offered and programs chosen. They range from $350 to more than a thousand dollars per week.

It is important to remember that an expensive camp need not be the best one for your child. Evaluate your needs thoroughly before picking one camp over the other.


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