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Posted on June 14, 2010 by Scott

National Sports Camps in Missouri

You’ll find national sports camps in Missouri for basketball, baseball, football, soccer, and lacrosse, among others. These national camps offer quality instruction and recruiting opportunities for high school athletes. If there is a national camp near you for the sport you play, you should add it to your list of possible camps this summer.

National Sports Camps in Missouri Use Name Recognition to Help Campers In Many Ways

National camps have good name recognition. This does two things for campers. Prospective coaches will recognize the names on your application and will know immediately that you got some quality instruction outside of regular practices. The other advantage to campers at a camp like this is that college coaches and recruiters recognize the name, too, and are more likely to take an invitation to attend seriously. This applies to the coaches who act as instructors, as well as those who show up as scouts.

Another advantage of national camps is their ability to offer high quality instruction. They attract talented coaches and players through name recognition, and then campers gain the benefits of working with some of the area’s best teachers and players.

While a university camp will have college-level coaches and staff teaching campers, they will usually all be from the same institution. At a national camp, you are going to get instructors who coach at several different schools, which broadens the knowledge base of the instructors and improves the quality of instruction.

Finally, national camps attract out-of-state campers. This means that the other athletes you’ll be learning with and playing against will come from all over, not just your local area. The ability to play with campers from other areas broadens your experience, teaches you new things, and helps you make new friends from outside of your usual area. is a directory of sports camps across the US and Canada. You can search these camps by zip code or state, to find options in your sport in your area.



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