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Posted on June 14, 2010 by Scott

US Sports Camps in New Jersey for Several Sports

Nike USSports Camps runs camps for several sports. This includes swimming, golf, tennis, lacrosse, baseball, and volleyball. Nike camps are held at universities across the country. There are usually several camps held in each sport, including general skills, advanced classes, position-specific camps, and team camps. Not all camp types are offered in all locations, so you’ll have to look to see which types of camps will be offered in your state in your sport.

USSports Camps is the nation’s largest network of sports camps, and has been in business for 35 years. They work in conjunction with Nike and several other institutions to offer quality instruction in a variety of sports. There are over 400 USSC camps across the country in different sports, several of which are in New Jersey. If you can’t find a USSports Camp in New Jersey, there are also several options in New York and the rest of New England, many of which that should be fairly close to you. If you can’t find a USSC camp in New Jersey in your sport, check the listings for these nearby states for more options.

In general, a national organization like this will offer the best instruction and more recruiting opportunities for high school athletes. National camps have the resources and the reputation to attract the best college coaches in the area, as well as professional athletes in your sport. These players and coaches give campers access to a level of instruction they won’t normally get during the season. Because they are hosted by universities, they also allow campers to use university equipment and fields, another advantage over high school practice.

Find US Sports Camps in New Jersey

You can see all the USSC Nike option in New Jersey at You’ll also find information on other national camps, like Offense-Defense, Advantage Basketball, and DeMarini Top96.


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