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Surfing is a sport that is often misunderstood. Most people think of surfing as a pastime and the general idea is that surfing is a fun sport with mellow and chilled out participants. The truth is that surfing is a competitive sport and those hoping to become pro surfers need to start their training early on in life.

Aspiring surfers need to possess physical dexterity, an in-depth understanding of the waves and lots of strength. It isn’t as simple as just paddling out and surfing! World famous pro surfers like Curren, Slater, Andino, Parko and John John Florence started surfing before high school.

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Their talents were honed during these formative years, and they were then ‘discovered’. If your child enjoys surfing and hopes to make it big professionally, every second counts and guided practice is the need of the hour. This is where surfing camps come in!

Regional Surfing Camps

Surfing, by its very nature, is very regional. The best waves decide where surfing can be done successfully, and most surfing camps and schools can be found around popular world destinations like Australia, South Africa, Portugal, Peru and USA. In USA, destinations like California, Hawaii and Tahiti are the most sought-after ones.

However, its regional nature has not dissuaded youth athletes from pursuing this sport. Surfing’s world governing authority, the International Surfing Association (ISA), is ceaselessly working on creating artificial controlled environments, wherein surfers will be able to enjoy world class waves of variable length, height and shapes all through the year. Wave parks are the answer, and the ISA hopes to get surfing recognized as an official Olympics sport in the next decade or so.

These changes and advancements in the sport have led to a growing popularity that has taken the sports world by storm. Athletes as young as 5 years are enrolling in surf camps, surf schools and clinics all over the country.

Types of Surf Camps

There are many surf camps held all over the country and finding the right camp for your athlete can be a daunting task. It is important to know what types of camp are available and what you stand to gain by attending.

  • Day Camps are a great option for beginner level surfers who want to enjoy a camp experience without staying away from home. Most surfing camps in the US accept day campers as young as 6 and as old as 18 years. These camps are generally less intensive and more fun. It is a great way to meet other surfers and like-minded individuals. Imperial Beach, California’s YMCA Camp Surf offers fall, spring and summer surfing day camps which are cost-effective and less intensive in nature.
  • Overnight Camps are created with High School and Junior High School intermediate and advanced level surfers in mind. These camps may be privately run or run by a University. Not only will campers get to enjoy a more intensive learning experience but they will also get a chance to improve their skills by focusing on their weaknesses. Campers will receive surf safety and ocean safety instructions, as well as landing tips and surfing etiquette lessons. Whether you are hoping to boost your paddling strength, learn the right position to catch a wave or learn how to take on different types of waves like the beginner ones, multiple reef breaks or advanced rivermouth waves, overnight surfing camps can help you meet your goals. Popular options include Endless Summer Surf Camps in California and WB Surf Camps in North Carolina.

As a sport surfing is popular amongst boys as well as girls. There are plenty of girl surf camps to choose from and athletes can also opt to attend a surfing boot camp.

Professional Surfing

Becoming a pro surfer is by no means an easy task! Surfers need to be able to handle vigorous physical exercises. They must also be able to swim, and be ready to listen to the instructors and lifeguards.

Most surf camps offer guided surf tours to a few of the leading surfing destinations in the country. Surfing camps are the perfect platforms for youth athletes to enjoy playing their beloved sport, while their talent is further honed through instruction, surfing seminars and workshops.

If you want pro surfing to be your ‘thing’, then you need to pay extra attention to strength and skill training as well as fitness and diet regimes. Whichever surfing school you choose in the country, you will have to give more than your 100 percent, if you hope to make it big in the world of professional surfing – the right surfing camps will take you closer to your goal.

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