Surfing Camps San Diego

Posted on June 9, 2012 by Scott

Surfing Camps in or near San Diego

Surfing camps are a great opportunity for children in the San Diego area. Surfing camps are appropriate for athletes of a wide range of abilities. Whether you are a beginner with the sport and are looking for a good introduction to it or you are experienced and looking to take your skills to the next level, consider surfing camps in San Diego.

Popular Surfing Camps

Surf Diva San Diego Surf Camps: San Diego, California
The Diva Surf Camps is open to females ages 5 through 10. In addition to surfing, students learn ocean and beach awareness, all in the fun, safe environment. The instruction to student ratio is 1 to 4, and all instructors are First-Aid trained and C.P.R. certified. The small group size allows for proper coaching and individualized instruction. The camp includes a wet suit, soft surfboard, and colored La Jolla Surf Camp rashguard to ensure a safe learning experience.

Pacific Surf School Camp: San Diego, California
Pacific serves both males and females ages 8 through 17. With over 40,000 students since 1997, they are one of the most well known surfing schools in the area. The camp tailors instruction to a wide range of both age and skill levels. The trained instructors make learning surfing a safe, fun experience for everyone. The staff also instructs students on ocean safety and awareness. All surf instructors and other camp staff are certified in Red Cross and CPR techniques and are also certified ocean lifeguards.

If you would like to sign your child up for one of these camps or you would like information about additional surfing camps in San Diego, check out the local San Diego Surf Camps here.

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