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2017 Volleyball Camps in United States

One bright sunny morning in 1895, William G. Morgan, a sports coach at the YMCA of Holyoke, Massachusetts, brainstormed to create a game which was a blend of baseball, basketball, handball and tennis. This game, initially named mintonette, is popular as volleyball today!

A year later the first match of “volleyball” was played at Springfield College. Over the years, the game has witnessed a quantum leap, spreading across the whole nation as well as other countries like Canada, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Asian countries and even the Southern Hemisphere.

Today, this century-old game has acquired a position only second in line after soccer, in terms of global popularity as well as participation in America. More than 46 million US athletes actively play volleyball in the 21st Century.

Volleyball camps are a great way to introduce youth athletes to this exciting sport. Campers keep coming back for more year after year. The main reason for this is that volleyball camps offer a wholesome learning experience, wherein youth athletes can learn new skills, practice old ones and meet like-minded players.

Types of Volleyball Camps

Whether a youth athlete is a first-timer or an old-hand at camp, there is always something new to learn and everyone takes away a valuable learning experience from camp. You may choose to attend day or commuter camps, overnight or residential camps, positional play camps, all skills camps, MI State Volleyball Camps and more. Summer volleyball camps are organized according to age and skill levels, and may last anywhere from a 2 or 3-day session to several weeks of intensive training.

NIKE Volleyball Camps and VB Clinics Volleyball Camps organize camps in various states throughout the country and even in Canada. VB Clinics Camps are popular amongst youth athletes because they are associated with Olympic Gold medalist and volleyball icon Pat Powers! The Beach Volleyball Camps operating in Southern California by Randy Stoklos & Sinjin Smith and Debbie Sokol Volleyball Camp in Texas are other preferred choices.

Age Level versus Skill Level

Volleyball camps offer a number of programs developed around two main considerations – the age level and the skill level of each individual. There are Basic, Intermediate and Advanced camping programs along with position specific Libero Camps, Setters Camp, Middle and Outside Hitters Camp.

Camps accept players as young as 5 years old for Junior Camps and 12 to 18 years old for Youth Camps. Although skills taught at these programs are generally in line with the age of the players, there may be situations where your child’s age does not match his/her skill level.


For instance, a 15 year old beginner may fare better at a Juniors/Beginners camp even though others in the same age group will be attending Advanced camps. Attending a camp that is meant for players with a higher skill level may seem intimidating and scary for beginners.

On the other hand, a 12 year old player may have Advanced level playing skills. If you are not too sure about the skill level of your athlete, it may be best to seek the recommendation of an expert coach or the camp director.

College and university-run camps are great options because players can show off their best game skills in front of college coaches and pave their way to an Athlete Recruitment Scholarship. Youth athletes will learn newer strategies, ball control, stack blocking, gauging angles and anticipation of shots from opponents during camp.

Cost of Attending a Volleyball Camps

The cost of volleyball camps largely depends on the program you choose, the facilities/features provided, duration of camp, and whether it is a day or overnight camp. The average costs range from $75 to a whopping $2000 per week.

However, the cost is no parameter for judging a camp’s effectiveness! If you want to ensure that you are sending your child to the right camp, it is important to look into other factors such as coach expertise, previous campers’ reviews, and coach to camper ratio. (Between 1:8 and 1:14).

The overnight/sleepover camps tend to be more expensive with most ranging around $1000 or more since they proffer accommodation along with three meals a day for the duration of camp. The day camps may cost anything from $75 to $700, depending on the amenities provided and the camp’s brand/reputation.

The right volleyball camp will offer athletes a social platform for encouraging maximum participation, interaction, and teamwork. Remember, a volleyball camp is not just meant to help players hone their inherent aptitude for the sport, it provides the boost youth athletes need to make it into varsity and college teams.


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