Youth Wrestling Camps In Boston

Posted on July 10, 2012 by Scott

Boston Wrestling Camps For Beginners

Attend a Local Boston Wrestling Camp

Wrestling is a sport that tests one’s physical ability and prowess. Unlike other activities, wrestling is an individual sport; each person is responsible for his own progress. Wrestling is a popular extracurricular activity among boys in high school and is recommended for those who thrive off of competition and want to test their own limits.

For local Boston wrestlers who wish to wrestle on their local high school team have dreams of becoming the next state champion, they should look for wrestling camps in Boston, which they can enroll in over the summer. These camps are headed by seasoned coaches, and students will have the opportunity to hone and fine-tune their skills.

Two Popular Local Boston Wrestling Camps are:

  1. The World Class Wrestling Institute run by Carl Adams – they offer 12, 7, or 5 day wrestling camps for high school wrestlers and a k Caids program for children ages 8 – 12. Camps are offered in a primary format and intensive format. The camps will allow elite wrestlers as well as beginners and intermediate wrestlers to improve their skills.
  2. Springfield Wrestling School and Camp held each year from July 29th to August 1st run by Jason Holder the Head Wrestling Coach at Springfield College. Springfield College offers two wrestling camps the Technique School to teach wrestlers the proper techniques and strategies; and the Team Competition Camp. Your whole high school wrestling team can attend this camp and compete against other high school teams from around the country. Your Coach can attend for free!

A Wrestling Camp will give your child an edge when school starts in the fall and they try out for their high school wrestling team. Those who have dreams of continuing with their wrestling endeavors in college should also seriously consider looking into a wrestling camp. They will receive instruction from the best coaches and have the opportunity to apply what they learned with other students.



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