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Whenever you think of American sports, what comes to mind are sports like basketball, baseball, ice hockey and American football. These are the most established sports in the US in terms of structure, financing, media coverage and popularity. These sports have become billion dollar industries with a variety of talented stars.

Soccer, on the other hand, is an emerging sport that is slowly but surely gaining popularity in the US. Since 1994 when America hosted the FIFA World Cup for the first time, soccer has steadily gained prominence. The great performances of the soccer national team, both regionally and internationally, with good world rankings have been a contributing factor in the growth of the sport.

Youth Soccer Camps in Los Angeles 2014

Slowly but steadily, foreign players such as David Beckham are moving to America to play in the major league, MLS. There has therefore, been a need to develop soccer, more so at the youth level. More soccer camps are emerging throughout the country to attract and capture as much young talent in the sport as possible.

Los Angeles, a city full of soccer traditions, is home to some of the best teams as well as some world-renowned names. The most famous of these soccer clubs is the Los Angeles Galaxy, popularly known as the LA Galaxy. It performs exceptionally in the Western Conference as well as nationally. It also has an array of talented players including Landon Donovan and England international David Beckham. Such players and clubs inspire youth athletes to better their skills and strive to play at the hiest level.

In an effort to promote soccer talents in the youth, a number of youth soccer camps have been established in Los Angeles and across the western region. These camps target both boys and girls, even as young as 9 years of age. Such soccer camps have become the scouting grounds for many colleges and MLS soccer clubs as they seek for budding and promising talent.

Most camps operate at peak during the summer months thus a lot of invites are advertised for those interested in joining soccer campsin the summer. Experienced coaches and staff operate these camps. They not only aim to train young people to be physically fit, but also impart life lessons and promote character development.

In an effort to promote and develop youth soccer in the country, the National Youth Soccer league has been continually expanding the youth league to allow more and more teams to participate. Thus, this becomes an opportunity for many of the soccer training camps in California and the West Coast as a whole to display the variety of talent at their disposal. It also opens up scouting opportunities for bigger clubs to come and scout for new and promising players.

As the US seeks a bid to host the World Cup in 2018, the National Soccer Association and AYSO continue to promote youth soccer throughout the country. Their efforts will drive new interest and increase popularity in the sport.

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